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SMAP Income Revealed, Possibility that they will not disband? and Mary Kitagawa receives criticism

SMAP Members Yearly Income Revealed


1: 2016/01/14(木) 23:48:35.53 

Nakai Masahiro: About 500,000,000 yen
Kimura Takuya: About 300,000,000 yen
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (Chonan Gang): About 200,000,000 yen
Katori Shingo: About 200,000,000 yen
Inagaki Goro: Under 100,000,000 yen

273: 2016/01/15(金) 00:26:49.19
What the hell is Chonan Gang after Kusaanagi w
*Chonan Gang is the Korean stage name that Kusanagi Tsuyoshi used. He also hosted a variety show called Chonan Gang which had Korean guests.

5: 2016/01/14(木) 23:49:51.62
Less than I thought

11: 2016/01/14(木) 23:50:47.48
Poor Inagaki


12: 2016/01/14(木) 23:50:44.83
Looking at Nakai's amount of work I end up thinking that his income is low

40: 2016/01/14(木) 23:53:57.02
Inagaki Goro doesn't appear on TV alone and doesn't do any CMs, so it can't be helped. 
I thought Nakai would be on top but he only get five hundred million w

53: 2016/01/14(木) 23:55:47.70
Including the CMs this is it?!

63: 2016/01/14(木) 23:57:46.15
Nakai has a pretty plain lifestyle
Even if he is dried out by the industry he'll be able to live


70: 2016/01/14(木) 23:58:26.54
For individual value KimuTaku would be high, for amount of work it would be Nakai


88: 2016/01/15(金) 00:00:15.46
Chonan Gang was sealed up over ten years ago! Give it a rest!

133: 2016/01/15(金) 00:06:25.45
Nope, he showed some fluent Korean recently

img_0 (1)

212: 2016/01/15(金) 00:16:58.34
They'll be able to live just fine even if they retire

SMAP解散キャンセルの可能性キター! ジャニーズで活動継続か

It has been reported that the SMAP members will leave the company and SMAP will disband, but there is a possibility that will be cancelled! In short, SMAP may no disband and there is a possibility that they will remain in Johnny's and continue activities. 

The manager who raised them said "This will be a rocky path so please return to the company." In addition, SMAP members have been influenced to remain in the company since the beginning of this year. 
SMAP members are now lost as to which path to take.

Summary of SMAP disbandment news:
Their manager and Johnny's have a rift (as was rumored)

SMAP's manager leaves Johnny's

SMAP "We are in debt to her so we will quit" Kimura "I will stay behind"

Manager "Return to the company!"

Appeals made to SMAP to remain in company

SMAP "Oh, if that's how it is then we may stay" ← Now

【朗報】SMAP解散キャンセルの可能性キター! ジャニーズで活動継続か / 関係者「メンバーが迷い始めている」 | バズプラスニュース Buzz+

2. 匿名 2016/01/15(金) 14:53:23 [通報+2707 -9
Make this into news when it's decided

4. 匿名 2016/01/15(金) 14:53:34 [通報+1219 -190
If this is real then I'm happy! \(^o^)/

6. 匿名 2016/01/15(金) 14:53:44 [通報+2015 -22
This is the first time I've heard the words disbandment cancelling

7. 匿名 2016/01/15(金) 14:53:58 [通報+1116 -12
I don't know what is true

8. 匿名 2016/01/15(金) 14:54:05 [通報+1387 
Their manager is amazing!
Please somehow convince the members

12. 匿名 2016/01/15(金) 14:54:31 [通報+1711 -86
I've come to think of this as some kind of grand farce (..;)

13. 匿名 2016/01/15(金) 14:54:35 [通報+958 -58
They made such a big fuss, so which one is it?!

14. 匿名 2016/01/15(金) 14:54:36 [通報+681 -15
They're saying that Nakai-kun decided to leave the company...
The information is complicated

The Ringleader of SMAP's Disbandment, Mary Kitagawa Gets a Wave of Criticism!


1: 2016/01/15(金) 20:52:28.95

Comments criticizing Mary Kitagawa on the net include:

"How much will this 89 year old old lady have to push people around?"
"She is supposed to be put together but when you get older you become less able to restrain emotions. This is definitely a type of problem caused by the elderly"
"The fans, the members and the former manager are getting trifled with by Mary Kitagawa"
"Mary Kitagawa can't help but hate SMAP, who are sufficient workers"
"Who is going to be the successor has nothing to do with the fans"
"I want her to listen to the opinions of people around her and the fans"
"Think of the news in total, the one who should quit is Mary isn't it?"

27: 2016/01/15(金) 20:59:15.55
On TV they're making it seem like SMAP are the ones who are in the wrong, and that Nakai is regretting it

2: 2016/01/15(金) 20:53:13.23
Johnny, you do something


11: 2016/01/15(金) 20:55:45.61
It's dangerous to make enemies out of SMAP fans
I have no idea what they plan on doing

14: 2016/01/15(金) 20:56:20.58
There is no mistake that this is power harassment in which she destroys the manager and the employees that she hates

17: 2016/01/15(金) 20:57:13.97
Johnny Kitagawa's sexual harassment was not reported at all

22: 2016/01/15(金) 20:58:21.85
I just want them to end it already...
They're too caught up (笑)

They're not going to disband
They also aren't going to quit Johnny's (笑)
This can be ended by terminated the one behind the scenes (笑)

52: 2016/01/15(金) 21:03:41.43
Those certainly are not the words of a decent manager
But that hasn't been a decent company since the past

58: 2016/01/15(金) 21:04:47.19
They say she is in her 80's but
This is embarrassing

63: 2016/01/15(金) 21:05:20.65
The media is Mary's manservant
Mary will definitely win

70: 2016/01/15(金) 21:06:14.91
Yoshimoto Kogyo will debut a new SMAP

And fight Johnny's Jimusho!!


105: 2016/01/15(金) 21:10:27.50
Mary Kitagawa doesn't look on the internet so she won't receive any damage

591: 2016/01/15(金) 21:52:46.17
/end thread


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