Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SMAP Announces Decision to Stay Together; Netizens Remain Confused

144. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:24:22 [通報] +1052 -4
Is it okay for them not to disband?
But everyone seems dead...
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146. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:24:55 [通報] +605 -7
Hm? So this means they are not going to disband?
I don't really understand
147. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:25:08 [通報] +849 -39
Old hag Mary
Do you understand how much SMAP is loved by everyone?
Don't think that old hag Mary's selfishness will get a pass
155. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:28:29 [通報] +921 -5
It appears that they won't be disbanding but there's a weird atmosphere...
What could this feeling possibly be?
157. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:29:06 [通報] +850 -4
It's like they're students apologizing in the teacher's office
158. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:29:31 [通報] +1147 -11
The feeling that they're being made to say this by Mary is no joke!
161. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:30:21 [通報] +1362 -157
Why did KimuTaku take responsibility this pisses me off
162. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:31:06 [通報] +920 -18
It's like they're giving off the expression that they have things to say so much that I even get a doubtful feeling.
I honestly can't celebrate this.
If you don't want to do it, then don't!
163. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:31:13 [通報] +836 -7
So what does this mean exactly?
That they won't disband?
Without the abstract facial expression, I wanted to hear the words "We won't disband"
165. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:32:05 [通報] +1330 -11
They finally made the connection
That was a farce
Everyone's face was dead
Since we wanted to hear the 5 of their voices it's not like we wanted to hear the fan's voices
That is all
166. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:32:53 [通報] +1041 -10
So KimuTaku negotiated with Johnny-san...I can feel the darkness of the company.
So ultimately which one is it?
167. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:33:05 [通報] +841
Faces that have no feelings of positivity...
I didn't want to see the 5 of their faces like that…( ; ; )
169. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:33:37 [通報] +1709 -30
At the point when KimuTaku was negotiating, it became just like the reports that were bringing him up~
When I saw those dead-like faces of the other four, I had the feeling that disbanding would have been better
170. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:33:37 [通報] +1443 -15
That was a super weird atmosphere.
Four of them are haggard.
Only KimuTaku was different.
172. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:34:16 [通報] +995 -14
Eh, this is it?
So basically they won't disband right
It's like we were shown a grand comedy
If SMAP are going to be kept on the payroll for no reason at this rate, then wouldn't it be better for them to disband?
It's kind of complicated huh
173. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:34:49 [通報] +1167 -5
So they won't disband?
But Goro-chan looked like he was going to cry.
I'm glad they didn't disband but
I have complicated feelings
176. 匿名 2016/01/18(月) 22:35:45 [通報 +1267 -59
Is it good for them not to disband?
Anyway, Nakai is the leader.
What the heck is up with KimuTaku.


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