Friday, January 8, 2016

Gesu no Kiwami Otome Lead Singer Kawatani Enon's Past Tweets Get Uncovered


1: 2016/01/07(木) 13:17:47.12

no title
Is Miwa a singer/songwriter? I can only think that she is making a joke of music. 

no title
-Miwa sang a duet with Yano Akiko at Music Fest, I was pissed
-Really, that's too shitty (lol)

no title
-Flumpool's vocals did a live performance like Johnny's. He must be aware of that. Ahaha I don't want to become like that.
-Flumpool's bassist dated Yoshitaka Yuriko right...Ha...

4: 2016/01/07(木) 13:19:06.72
This guy is horrible

5: 2016/01/07(木) 13:19:39.66
This guy is going to disappear too huh

6: 2016/01/07(木) 13:19:42.09
I don't care about any of these people

9: 2016/01/07(木) 13:20:20.42
He has a face like Mick Mars*
*Motley Crue guitarist

13: 2016/01/07(木) 13:22:40.22
He's trash wwwwww

20: 2016/01/07(木) 13:25:03.37
He's displaying his trashiness to people in the same industry as him

23: 2016/01/07(木) 13:26:35.94
I don't know why he's going after Miwa. If we're talking about Music Fair, then AKB and the like appears every week. 


24: 2016/01/07(木) 13:27:39.27
I agree that Miwa is shit
It's strange that someone like that is a pro

27: 2016/01/07(木) 13:31:58.68
I agree that even though Miwa has an idol face she is mistakenly trying to be an artist

31: 2016/01/07(木) 13:34:12.44
Miwa only had her debut song
It was good that she had such a small body but was singing such strong lyrics, but what is she now?

35: 2016/01/07(木) 13:36:07.83
What does Becky find good about this guy
This is just a publicity stunt


44: 2016/01/07(木) 13:41:05.32
This is just a complaint from when he wasn't popular

53: 2016/01/07(木) 13:46:47.69
But it's the truth though

58: 2016/01/07(木) 13:50:27.77
Since all of the members are lowlifes (gesu)
They chose the name Gesu no Kiwami

The people who are saying that their music is good are lowlifes too

84: 2016/01/07(木) 14:14:49.87
Miwa is cute
I want to lick her


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