Monday, January 11, 2016

Gesu no Kiwami Otome Lead Singer Plans to "Graduate" from Wife + Living in Hotel

Gesu Kawatani: "I want to graduate from my wife" Becomes Close with Becky, Plans to Divorce Wife in November

1. I feel that the "graduating from wife" statement to be very childish, and it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.  +53794 -3890

2.  Don't say graduate +46468 -3278

3. He wants to "graduate" after not even half a year...why did he marry her? +27278 -1303

4. Thesis and graduation
    When I think of the wife's feelings of being told that by someone who promised to be her life partner, I become sad +27765 -1471

5. Why kind of remark is this to the person who supported you when you were nothing. Doesn't he have human emotions? And he just just vowed to be bound to her half a year ago. I don't want to listen to the music that this kind of guy makes. +26132 -1130

6. This Gesu Kawatani said in interviews that he wasn't married. He is the absolute worst. I feel bad for his wife... +26068 -1139

7. He seems to be a fairly cowardly person. +25688 -1206

8. More than Becky, this person should be criticized. +26041 -2688

9. What an irresponsible man. +19655 -711

10. If you want to divorce so soon, then you shouldn't have gotten married. And even more he even kept it secret from his band mates that he was married, and he's not an artist that's sold by his looks like an idol, so I don't understand the reason for hiding his marriage like that. He's the worst kind of guy who abandons his wife that support him during the time he wasn't famous to change to a popular entertainer. +14983 -599

Gesu Kawatani, Living Apart from his Wife...Living in a City Hotel Until Music Station on the 15th?

1. Gradually the articles saying "Kawatani was wrong!" have increased huh. I can't defend either one, but I think both were wrong.  +34901 -4325

2. Good thing his band name proved to be useful huh. +31228 -3576

3. This might be his last performance. +24560 -3585

4. It seems that he had a shotgun wedding with his wife so will she give birth after this? He is the worst of the worst if he was trying to switch over to Becky while his wife is pregnant! +14555 -924

5. I have come to loathe him just by looking at his face. Really disgusting. +15411 -1367

6. I really pity his wife. He's really selfish and his actions are childish and have no social responsibility. +15283 -1442

7. Uugghh he's gross. +13518 -1027

8. They say they want to forgive Becky because she's a good girl, but you say that to his wife? +12761 -897

9. Becky is still appearing on TV but I see her differently so I changed the channel. Music Station is live right? I'm really worried about his performance. He should go into reflection because of those LINE contents... +14113 -1371

10. He got what he deserved, and he needs to feel more responsibility. Because he's a member of society.


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