Sunday, January 24, 2016

Former Member of Hikaru Genji's Tell All Book About Johnny's

1: 2016/01/20(水) 20:39:07.75 
Slaves that worked day and night...mysterious injections...a controversial work that revealed the inner workings of the company "To SMAP"
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In the book, former Hikaru Genji member Motoyama Shugo states that he was forced to accept romantic advances from Johnny, that he was a sex slave, and that Johnny hand fed him. He states that he was supposed to debut with Hikaru Genji, even to the point that he had his photo taken for posters. But because of one incident, he was forced to leave the group.


5: 2016/01/20(水) 20:41:45.34
Johnny-san only gathers people who are on the verge of breaking
20: 2016/01/20(水) 20:47:03.89
The female fans know this and yet they don't care.
22: 2016/01/20(水) 20:47:56.54
Is this for real?
Johnny's Jimusho is scary
23: 2016/01/20(水) 20:48:06.85
Huh, this is definitely fake
35: 2016/01/20(水) 20:50:31.48
Wow, he'll get sued

113: 2016/01/20(水) 21:04:57.16

Johnny sued him and lost
37: 2016/01/20(水) 20:50:35.85

I had this book. It's somewhere in my house
39: 2016/01/20(水) 20:50:46.69
This has been talked about since the past. Is it for real?
43: 2016/01/20(水) 20:51:57.94
If this is for real then
If all is revealed then Johnny would be done for and I bet there is a lot of proof
118: 2016/01/20(水) 21:05:33.90

There is a member of congress who brought the issue to the forefront
51: 2016/01/20(水) 20:53:46.76
Why is this type of guy such a big shot in the entertainment industry?
57: 2016/01/20(水) 20:54:18.65
Why don't the police catch him?
628: 2016/01/21(木) 00:00:31.67

He's friends with the politicians and police
58: 2016/01/20(水) 20:54:29.18
Is this the reason Mori-kun left?
63: 2016/01/20(水) 20:55:53.68
Maybe Leader's hands shake becaues of trauma from that time....
67: 2016/01/20(水) 20:56:30.40
If this were America then it would become %100 become a huge problem and be dragged out in the courts
75: 2016/01/20(水) 20:58:18.60
This needs to be handed down to generations to come



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