Saturday, January 30, 2016

CDs That You Regret Buying

1. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:28:10 +1596 -169
It's this! I really respected them at the time! I was cleaning and I found this covered in dust and listened to it for the first time in a long time. The goosebumps were out of this world! To the people who don't know, please listen to it at least once!


2. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:28:56 [通報+369 -73
Dango San Kyoudai

3. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:28:59 [通報+705 -44
How nostalgic~!
For me it's AK-69  笑)

4. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:29:27 [通報+239 -34
Like CDs by people who became criminals?

5. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:02 [通報+248 -22
Vocaloid songs...
Now I don't listen to them at all

6. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:09 [通報+293 -192

7. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:18 [通報+1106 -10
Shuuchishin I guess...why did I buy that?  (笑)

8. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:19 [通報+882 -10
Wekapipo was it?

9. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:21 [通報+853 -45
>>1 I knew this because my embarrassing friend endlessly played the DVD in the car w

10. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:21 [通報+472 -50
Fujitani Michiko's Ai ga Umareta Hi
And it was the first CD I ever bought too
Why was it that kind of song?

11. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:23 [通報+414
Now it's Arashi
Why was I so crazy for them

12. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:26 [通報+460 -14
Akasaka Akira's solo CD. Was it something like Houki Twist?
It's not anything other than my dark past (笑)

13. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:28 [通報]
Tetsu and Tomo
Why ~♪。.:*・゜

Why... (´×ω×`)

15. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:41 [通報+1145 -27
I don't as much as regret it but I have this in a cardboard box in my parent's home w


16. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:30:51 [通報+661 -18
Minimoni. Jankenpyon

20. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:31:19 [通報+613 -39
175R's debut song
Aaah  so embarrassing.

21. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:31:24 [通報+422 -110
This (笑)


22. 匿名 2016/01/29(金) 12:31:30 [通報+299 -53
They were popular in middle school and I didn't want to fall behind the trend



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