Saturday, December 5, 2015

This Year's Artist Sales Ranking


1: 2015/12/04(金) 12:34:02.11

no title
1. Arashi
2. AKB48
3. Sandaime J Soul Brothers
4. Kis-My-Ft2
5. Nogizaka 46
7. μ's
8. Mr. Children
10. Kanjani 8

2: 2015/12/04(金) 12:34:27.47
It's only akekasu CDs

3: 2015/12/04(金) 12:34:53.42
Arashi by a landslide

4: 2015/12/04(金) 12:35:05.46
Dreams Come True put out an all time best right?

6: 2015/12/04(金) 12:35:09.48
Traditional Japanese music is dead
There isn't one descent artist this year

7: 2015/12/04(金) 12:35:20.80
EXILE changed their name?

34: 2015/12/04(金) 12:39:25.73
Sandaime is a seperate group in the EXILE family
EXILE TRIBE is a group that includes all of the EXILE family
But Atsuhi isn't there so there is disagreement among EXILE fans


8: 2015/12/04(金) 12:35:30.09
I'm surprised that Dreams Come True is still selling that much

9: 2015/12/04(金) 12:35:56.14
It's because Dreams Come True put out a best of album


11: 2015/12/04(金) 12:36:24.67
The derived groups are selling more than EXILE

16: 2015/12/04(金) 12:36:46.10
It seems that J has more ikemen

12: 2015/12/04(金) 12:36:25.25
Lol at μ's


17: 2015/12/04(金) 12:37:20.71
Exile isn't selling at all lol

21: 2015/12/04(金) 12:37:59.48
It's the same thing every year
Johnny wotas and idol wotas killed the music scene

31: 2015/12/04(金) 12:38:52.49
The only ones who aren't idols are Mr.Children and Dreams Come True

33: 2015/12/04(金) 12:39:20.54
Mr. Children lost to Love Live?! w


35: 2015/12/04(金) 12:39:26.47
So μ's was selling this much huh no wonder they were called to Kouhaku

36: 2015/12/04(金) 12:39:29.94
AKB aren't selling based on looks they are selling based on their songs 

38: 2015/12/04(金) 12:39:58.35
Reflection was a really good album

45: 2015/12/04(金) 12:40:39.99
It really hasn't changed from last year

76: 2015/12/04(金) 12:44:56.76
Mr. Children who are competing purely based on their songs alone are the real victors


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