Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Seven Ikemen Gods of Exile


1: 2015/11/28(土) 09:55:13.69

no title

no title

no title

no title

no title

no title

no title

2: 2015/11/28(土) 09:56:07.98
A gathering of construction workers

9: 2015/11/28(土) 09:57:57.63
You must be jealous

3: 2015/11/28(土) 09:56:19.69
These are all a bunch of guys I don't know
Put in Akira


5: 2015/11/28(土) 09:56:40.76
Kimi ni muchuuuu

6: 2015/11/28(土) 09:56:56.30
Over half of those aren't in Exile

7: 2015/11/28(土) 09:57:35.14
Looking at him from a man's point of view, that Takahiro guy is average
But I think the other guys are good looking


10: 2015/11/28(土) 09:58:05.45
This might be the stylist's problem but Takahiro's socks are ugly

14: 2015/11/28(土) 09:58:38.96
Have they become an idol group or something?


16: 2015/11/28(土) 09:59:07.16
They're basically Johnnies

18: 2015/11/28(土) 09:59:43.61
Who is the most popular among these?

23: 2015/11/28(土) 10:02:42.08
Pretty much Takahiro and OmiIwa-chan

19: 2015/11/28(土) 10:00:24.74
I only know Takahiro

19: 2015/11/28(土) 10:00:24.74
This guy

no title

15: 2015/11/28(土) 09:58:49.94
I think the guy who slept with Minegishi is pretty good-looking


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