Saturday, December 5, 2015

The "Please Don't Make a Live Action!" Anime and Manga Ranking


1: 2015/12/04(金) 21:04:34.99
1. One Piece 44 votes (16.9%)
2. Slam Dunk 22 votes (8.5%)
3. Doraemon 11 votes (4.2%)
4. Naruto 10 votes (3.8%)
4. HUNTER x HUNTER 10 votes (3.8%)
Runner up: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 8 votes (3.1%)

5: 2015/12/04(金) 21:05:57.32
One Piece didn't become a live action it was turned into a stage play

9: 2015/12/04(金) 21:06:28.26
3. Doraemon
"It is certain that they will be using lots of CG so there is no point in making a live action" (Woman/33)
"Because Doraemon is an anime he is cute and I have dreams of him, I don't want him to be made into a robot-like live action" (Woman/38)

But he was made into a live action in the Tsumabuki CM


15: 2015/12/04(金) 21:07:33.22
Eva will be made into a live action within 10 years

74: 2015/12/04(金) 21:16:55.61
Pacific Rim is basically Evangelion


18: 2015/12/04(金) 21:08:01.54
They can do Jojo right
Just make Shirota Yu play Jotaro

279: 2015/12/04(金) 22:24:03.08
I reject that bird-looking ikemen by atmosphere guy.


31: 2015/12/04(金) 21:09:38.99
One Piece and Naruto seem like they could be done

37: 2015/12/04(金) 21:10:45.90
Live action Slam Dunk @ Taiwan

no title

253: 2015/12/04(金) 22:14:39.82

82: 2015/12/04(金) 21:17:53.59
If Anpanman became a live action it would be too weird

126: 2015/12/04(金) 21:25:20.88
If it's the early Anpanman then Beat Takeshi can take the starring role

no title

138: 2015/12/04(金) 21:28:55.60
This definitely wouldn't happen but Captain Tsubasa
It would become horrible in many ways w

142: 2015/12/04(金) 21:29:32.12

175: 2015/12/04(金) 21:38:03.29
Naruto One Piece Bleach
Don't to a live action PLEASE 


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