Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Dark Past of Actresses Who Once Were Idols


1: 2015/12/30(水) 12:58:37.72
Shinohara Ryoko (42)- In 1990, she debuted in the first generation of the idol group Tokyo Performance Doll


Nakama Yukie (36)- She once idolized Kudou Shizuka and was once a member of Tokyo Performance Doll


Mitsushima Hikari (29)- She was once a member of the 7 unit group Folder. They had a hit single called "Parachuter" in 1997 that sold 100,000 copies. The group became a 5 person unit in the year 2000 and their 3rd single was chosen as the opening for the anime "One Piece."


Nagasaku Hiromi (40)- She was a member of the group ribbon. 


3: 2015/12/30(水) 12:59:36.62
Their light past w

7: 2015/12/30(水) 13:00:50.07
There are various others like Ueto Aya and Yamada Yu

8: 2015/12/30(水) 13:01:34.23
It's not dark at all

11: 2015/12/30(水) 13:03:59.08
Nakama Yukie was lucky for not taking her clothes off in the magazines


13: 2015/12/30(水) 13:05:20.58
On the other hand the ones who remain as idols actually suffer in the long run.


15: 2015/12/30(水) 13:06:18.54
I remember that Mitsushima Hikari played the robogirl in Ultraman

17: 2015/12/30(水) 13:06:37.57
Nakatani Miki was a weird idol with no eagerness like Paruru

22: 2015/12/30(水) 13:08:39.99
Nakama Yukie is the person who sang the theme song for Mega  Man

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23: 2015/12/30(水) 13:08:44.63
Nakama Yukie was on the cover of Dengeki Daioh a lot

24: 2015/12/30(水) 13:08:46.14
There are plenty of these types Asano Yuuko was disappointed that her idol times were not known
It's good that it's like a gateway to entertainment industry in your teens

26: 2015/12/30(水) 13:12:52.30
Nakatani was in a pretty uncool group
It was a good thing that she transitioned to being an actress

no title

27: 2015/12/30(水) 13:08:56.11
Shinohara Ryoko was a popular member so it's not like it's a dark part of her past

28: 2015/12/30(水) 13:08:56.46
The only person who had a dark past is Nakama Yukie 
The others were fairly popular so it's not their dark past. 
Their like people in the department of a dark past

38: 2015/12/30(水) 13:11:54.51
Lately it would be Nakama Yukie with Downloads

no title

59: 2015/12/30(水) 13:20:44.93
Nakama-san has the worst dark past w



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