Sunday, December 6, 2015

Japanese Group Plagarizes GD & Sol and Eli from U-Kiss Announced Marriage + Wife's Pregnancy

Korean Idol Announces Marriage, Deletes it Later: U-Kiss Eli

1. I couldn't care less +105 -24

2. Was yesterday's windstorm okay?  +209 -66

3. It's already December of this year, that was quick +221 -78

4. The wind outside is strong huh +44 -9

5. Who cares +14 -3

6. I should get around to changing my studless winter tire +60 -15

7. So what? ? +46 -10

8. This is someone that I don't know...people leaving unrelated comments are gross +39 -19

9. Reading this article is like looking at a dried up frog that was hit by a car +29 -8

10. Daikon is delicious in oden (o^~^o) +26 -7

A Japanese Group Plagiarizes GD & Sol..The Group Themselves Deny it

1. Is this...bad? I think it could be a coincidence +13 -1

2. Out of all the songs that have been accused of plagiarism up until now this is one that you can say without a doubt is plagiarism! +32 -2

3. It's basically the same, they pretty much only changed the lyrics +20 -1

4. For the basic sound of hip hop sampling is a given~Saying it's plagiarism is an exaggeration..That's what I thought when I gave it a listen, and it's not even on the level of sampling, it's straight up plagiarism.
They just took GOOD BOY and turned it inside out, and for them to hear "someone is plagiarizing!" and to deny it, this is just a premeditated crime of self promotion by any means, even by plagiarism. This is a real problem.
They must be desperate because they're not popular, but this is going too far. However, the original "GOOD BOY" is a really cool song, so even if they plagiarize it the end result will be cool too. They must like BIG BANG, since their fashion and staging is similar. Please utilize this talent at arranging in a different way. +58 -7

5. I don't know the truth so I can't say anything, but if it really is plagiarism then this is a shameful thing. I hope it doesn't become a Japan-Korea lawsuit.


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