Monday, December 7, 2015

Eiji Wentz and Koike Teppei's Duo WaT Announces Disbandment

Wentz Eiji and Koike Teppei's "WaT" Announces Disbandment for February 11 of Next Year 

1. Those two, they have been doing activities individually and I have barely seen them do any activities as WaT so I think it was inevitable. I want them to give it their all from now on. +14666 -2343

2. Wentz has the image of doing more activities. But Koike was more popular in the past... +14031 -3001

3. Lately they haven't done any prominent activities but thank you for your hard work, WaT. From now on, try your best in your main fields of work. +9791 -1777

4. I think it's fine for them to not go out of their way to disband, but are they putting an end to it...? +3406 -380

5. This might be rude to fans but I think these guys had a stronger image as actors and from variety than from music +2961 -291

6. When they appeared on TV, the title "...of WaT" wasn't really attached to them so even if you say they are disbanding it doesn't really ring a bell. It's like doing music was just a side job, and they used the name just for those times. But the point of putting it to a close is good I guess. +3136 -401

7. When Wentz appears on variety his looks in regards to his age aren't awkward, but for Koike who has too much of a baby face, thinking of his age from now on as an actor he will not be able to do just cute roles. He must have various worries +2633 -394

8. Koike has been busy with stage plays lately so I guess this can't be helped +2177 -292

9. These two have barely had any activities lately. +1867 -292

10. Please give it your all until February of next year! Thanks for your hard work! +1462 -247


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