Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dragon Ball Super's Animation Gets Worse


1: 2015/12/27(日) 15:13:43.91
no title

no title

no title

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no title

2: 2015/12/27(日) 15:14:01.83
Ah, geez...

5: 2015/12/27(日) 15:14:44.48
This is to the level of the series having antis

6: 2015/12/27(日) 15:14:52.44
This was formerly a nationally representative manga

8: 2015/12/27(日) 15:15:13.06
I want the creative team for One Punch Man to do the animation

10: 2015/12/27(日) 15:15:33.05
This is a pretty catastrophic fate. A Dragon Ball manga is a bad idea after all

11: 2015/12/27(日) 15:15:53.62
They should have just let it end as a manga why are they ruining it by broadcasting it as an anime

17: 2015/12/27(日) 15:16:35.64
Toriyama is the person who ended it 20 years ago

18: 2015/12/27(日) 15:16:54.51
They revised the Buu arc but they are just repeating the same things over again LOL

21: 2015/12/27(日) 15:17:34.71
This still images are like that but when the images are moving it doesn't look weird at all

23: 2015/12/27(日) 15:17:36.57
The hair looks like a banana lol

25: 2015/12/27(日) 15:18:07.14
I guess it's One Piece > Dragon Ball...

33: 2015/12/27(日) 15:19:33.12
What the hell is this?
They're basically playing around


41: 2015/12/27(日) 15:20:30.23
The colors of the clothing are too monotonous
It looks like a picture that an elementary school student drew


43: 2015/12/27(日) 15:21:13.57
I hate that Toei piggybacked on the popularity of the original and made this crappy anime

89: 2015/12/27(日) 15:28:38.45
Dragon Ball got eaten up to support Toei's lifestyle



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