Friday, November 6, 2015

Ueno Juri Advances into Korea "There are moments when living in Japan is difficult"


1: 2015/11/04(水) 09:31:14.73 
As a result of the Korean remake of Nodame Cantible and the movie "Beauty Inside," Ueno Juri has successfully advanced into Korea. She starred in the drama that will be distributed exclusively Japanese streaming service "dTV" with Korean actor Choi Seung Hyun, In this interviews she spoke of her life in Korea, including her struggles. 

"It is said that Haruka [the character Ueno plays] fell into a slump as an actress, but has Ueno-san herself also had that kind of period?

Ueno: You can all it a slump, I haven't hadn't something like the after-effects that Haruka had, but when I do this kind of work there were moments when I thought that it was difficult to live in Japan. 
2: 2015/11/04(水) 09:31:35.22
"The more famous you become, doing normal things like walking on the street, going out to eat...normal things become difficult, right?"

Ueno: Even when I try to walk on the street normally, I think what is normal? When I go out to eat and I line up with everyone like normal, they probably think why is she here, go to a private room!(笑)Even when everyone does regular things in a regular way, it's only me that gets an uncomfortable feeling. 

4: 2015/11/04(水) 09:32:06.11
You got what you deserve

5: 2015/11/04(水) 09:32:43.22
You're wrong for getting encroached upon by an actor

7: 2015/11/04(水) 09:34:12.02
You're just mental for thinking that you're the only one who's special


10: 2015/11/04(水) 09:35:38.81
She's probably just a person who is more fitting towards the way Korea does care about society

14: 2015/11/04(水) 09:36:39.40
She's a regular person
If it's difficult to live in Japan then she should go somewhere that she can adapt to
Zainichi's should learn from this

14: 2015/11/04(水) 09:36:39.40
She's just riding the Hallyu wave because she's on the decline

21: 2015/11/04(水) 09:40:23.67
She's a natural beauty that doesn't have plastic surgery, so oppositely wouldn't she stand out? Over there

21: 2015/11/04(水) 09:40:23.67
Eeeh she's a famous person so it can't be helped
But for Japanese people no matter where you go it can't be helped that people will cause a commotion
If it's in the boondocks then they might think that she resembles someone famous and they won't think that it's possible that it's her so it might be okay unexpectedly

26: 2015/11/04(水) 09:41:51.80
But she's not saying it's easier to live in Korea
In another article she said that she could never date a Korean person

29: 2015/11/04(水) 09:42:15.10
I thought that she had the type of face that was overly self consciousness

30: 2015/11/04(水) 09:42:45.57
In reality, she's someone who has the talent and the popularity overseas to be able to get out of Japan

no title

38: 2015/11/04(水) 09:43:57.30
She's just saying that she's famous and it's difficult to live a regular lifestyle in Japan
In Korea people don't fuss over her so much

55: 2015/11/04(水) 09:49:26.13
Oh no...why does she think that there are moments when it's difficult to live in this country?

58: 2015/11/04(水) 09:50:34.34
I think that Japan is certainly difficult to live in
If it's nothing but crazy people like you guys then famous people will have it tough

59: 2015/11/04(水) 09:50:34.41
If you think of it like that then famous superstars will have it tough in any country

65: 2015/11/04(水) 09:52:26.29

no title

Ueno Juri had this kind of face?
Her image kind of changed

76: 2015/11/04(水) 09:55:53.40
She's saying it's difficult to live in Japan but
That doesn't really have any relationship to Korea

88: 2015/11/04(水) 09:59:02.88
She's a good actress though
What a waste...I lost interest in her in an instant




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