Friday, November 20, 2015

Kamiki Ryuunosuke as a Maid is Too Cute


1: 2015/11/13(金) 16:15:01.14

no title

Kamiki as a maid

no title

2: 2015/11/13(金) 16:15:32.68
That's Esumi Makiko!

5: 2015/11/13(金) 16:18:10.63
Since before I've worried about the growing Kamiki-kun's smiling face turning into Ikko
I was relieved that it wasn't like that in this photo

6: 2015/11/13(金) 16:18:13.35
If this were when he was a child star there would be various things troubling about this

8: 2015/11/13(金) 16:18:34.78
That's Esumi Makiko
Or Miyashita Anna


10: 2015/11/13(金) 16:19:12.14
This is the kid from The Great Yokai War right
How old is he now?

12: 2015/11/13(金) 16:19:24.76
His hairline looks weird

13: 2015/11/13(金) 16:19:42.11
10 years too late

15: 2015/11/13(金) 16:20:44.46
Is this a problem about it being too early or too late?

17: 2015/11/13(金) 16:21:02.30
Soujiro was good


18: 2015/11/13(金) 16:21:09.14
Oh no, I want to kiss him

19: 2015/11/13(金) 16:21:13.68
The next Koike Teppei

Average w

20: 2015/11/13(金) 16:22:13.77
Why do women make cute guys dress up like girls

21: 2015/11/13(金) 16:22:48.28
He looks like Yoshitaka Yuriko


22: 2015/11/13(金) 16:23:44.25
If I were to say whether or not he looks good in this I would say he looks good

22: 2015/11/13(金) 16:23:44.25
Okay, let's make Hongo Kanata dress like a girl

25: 2015/11/13(金) 16:26:16.00
Kamiki-kun has accusations of being a real gay
It's a bit complicated

26: 2015/11/13(金) 16:27:53.71
The kid in the Gestuku drama looks cuter

28: 2015/11/13(金) 16:29:57.54
They make this guy do various things huh


35: 2015/11/13(金) 16:38:22.11
He's cute...

39: 2015/11/13(金) 16:43:45.06
He's cute isn't he w


40: 2015/11/13(金) 16:44:38.30
I want to stuff Kamiki's wiener in my mouth


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