Saturday, November 14, 2015

Justin Bieber Prays for Japan


1: 2015/11/14(土) 14:28:34.54

Now because of this Tweet it's being scattered around like an earthquake happened in Japan and 18,000 people died. 
Thank you Justin

2: 2015/11/14(土) 14:29:46.21
Justin, who prays for Japan along with France

5: 2015/11/14(土) 14:30:25.18
Why Japan after all this time?

11: 2015/11/14(土) 14:32:17.66
This is because the has the second highest number of followers in Twitter
It's being spread all over the place

83: 2015/11/14(土) 14:48:40.27
This guy has that many?
Who is number 1?

87: 2015/11/14(土) 14:49:07.42

96: 2015/11/14(土) 14:51:46.00
Huu~h Gaga is amazing

12: 2015/11/14(土) 14:32:24.53
Ariana too

what a scary, chaotic day on earth. my heart is with everyone in Paris and Japan.

20: 2015/11/14(土) 14:34:20.58
Don't come to Japan next time

27: 2015/11/14(土) 14:35:13.97
He already has one variety of talent

28: 2015/11/14(土) 14:35:15.96
Justin who likes Japan

29: 2015/11/14(土) 14:35:25.33
This guy is going to Japan so he's just doing this for his own safety
He's just trash who prays to god

36: 2015/11/14(土) 14:36:10.25
Pray for Japan is in the trending topics on twitter lol
If they were in Japan it would be just fine

50: 2015/11/14(土) 14:39:06.35

no title

Japanese people don't know about this though

89: 2015/11/14(土) 14:49:24.15
Japanese people: "Magnitude 7.0? Hmmm, and?"
Overseas: "Ooooh nnoooo time to pray for Japaaaaan"

54: 2015/11/14(土) 14:39:49.01
He doesn't know where Japan or Paris are I bet

56: 2015/11/14(土) 14:40:14.98
I don't really understand but it's good that he's praying for Japan
Thank you Justin

129: 2015/11/14(土) 15:01:38.13
America easily gets brainwashed by rumors

133: 2015/11/14(土) 15:02:54.54
Suspect Kusuri Brown*
*Chris is pronounced "Kurisu" in Japanese and "kusuri" means medicine or drugs. 

130: 2015/11/14(土) 15:02:10.72
False rumor→Justin's prayers→Is this a false rumor?

139: 2015/11/14(土) 15:03:53.39

no title


13: 2015/11/14(土) 14:32:45.28
Professionals are completely different


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