Friday, October 2, 2015

Senga Kento from Kis-My-Ft2 and Sashihara Rino Discovered to Be Dating (With Evidence)


1:  2015/10/01(木) 19:31:07.88
Continuing from Senga and Sashihara having a Kirimi-chan iPhone case, the same event happens again. 

It's a hot topic on Twitter

19: 2015/10/01(木) 19:37:58.97
Senga's smartphone case

no title

Sashihara's smartphone case

no title

Senga's smartphone case 2

no title

Sashihara's smartphone case 2

no title

2: 2015/10/01(木) 19:32:17.23 ID:/d/
The truth that came from lies

4: 2015/10/01(木) 19:32:55.71

5: 2015/10/01(木) 19:33:30.58
Nikaido "Seriously Rino-tamu..."

7: 2015/10/01(木) 19:33:42.69
Senga and Sashihara lol w They suit each other w

8: 2015/10/01(木) 19:34:28.03
Interesting w
This is fine isn't it
But it wasn't Nikaido-kun huh

8: 2015/10/01(木) 19:34:28.03
The fellow ugly idols suit each other

12: 2015/10/01(木) 19:34:52.64
Are they middle school girls?
Their cases are matching so they are dating 

18: 2015/10/01(木) 19:37:00.83
People who are dating have the same case?

22: 2015/10/01(木) 19:39:20.57
Congratulations Sashihara!!! www

23: 2015/10/01(木) 19:39:22.09
So that's why she doesn't like her smartphone case to be photographed w
Because she'll be found out w

25: 2015/10/01(木) 19:40:07.16
Once if okay but twice is suspicious

26: 2015/10/01(木) 19:40:11.23
When you think of it she didn't like to have her smartphone case filmed (笑)

31: 2015/10/01(木) 19:41:39.72
If it's Senga then that's good
Much better than a wota

34: 2015/10/01(木) 19:42:17.51
Nikaido "Then what was I?"

35: 2015/10/01(木) 19:42:43.74
Just between us Senga is the number 1 ikemen in Kisumai

60: 2015/10/01(木) 19:46:27.74 ID:ga/qX/
That's right
According to my memory when they were dancing behind KAT-TUN he was the center too

36: 2015/10/01(木) 19:42:45.71
So it's not Nikaido wwww

38: 2015/10/01(木) 19:42:52.59 ID:JY7j/
On her Twitter today

指原 莉乃 @345_chan 
I'm scared of dropping my iPhone so I hold it tightly
I guess I should put a case on it 😭😭 
But I don't want to put a case

指原 莉乃 @345_chan 
I just temporarily use the cases I get as presents from core fans and the members and I haven't bought one myself so next I think I will properly buy one! If so I will not take it off. 

40: 2015/10/01(木) 19:43:04.50
Previously Johnny wotas said that the steak picture that she uploaded had the same watch that Senga wears

44: 2015/10/01(木) 19:43:58.33
It seems that Senga's hand was seen in the picture she uploaded to Twitter

47: 2015/10/01(木) 19:44:39.94
You missed that in the steak picture that Sashihara uploaded to Twitter had a hand that wore the same watch as Senga

62: 2015/10/01(木) 19:46:33.29

no title




48: 2015/10/01(木) 19:44:49.52
On Wide na Show she said "why don't we stop the love ban?"
She wants to boldly date Senga doesn't she. 

49: 2015/10/01(木) 19:45:05.27
The image that Johnny wota's analyses are amazing

55: 2015/10/01(木) 19:45:55.47 ID:jMOAnNt/
Senga and Sashihara are a good combination w

58: 2015/10/01(木) 19:46:13.66
No matter how you think of it Nikaido is the number 1 ikemen in Kisumai

59: 2015/10/01(木) 19:46:19.00 ID:3r2YGl/
Using the same case and the watch and such
They're platonic
That's rare nowadays

66: 2015/10/01(木) 19:46:57.44
The verification pictures that Johnny wotas are making a fuss about

no title

103: 2015/10/01(木) 19:51:16.35
The investigative ability of Johnny wotas is amazing
This is a confirmation

68: 2015/10/01(木) 19:46:59.52
For everyone's happiness dismiss Sashihara

69: 2015/10/01(木) 19:47:03.25
Even if they date there isn't really a problem
This is stuff that only kimowotas fuss about
It isn't a big deal

70: 2015/10/01(木) 19:47:16.35
And then Mayuyu will calculatingly get Nakai-kun~


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