Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mr. Satan (Hercule) from Dragon Ball Super Becomes a Super Saiyan


1: 2015/10/11(日) 09:35:24.21
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2: 2015/10/11(日) 09:36:05.67
So, is he strong?

3: 2015/10/11(日) 09:36:40.33
It's abnormal how boring Dragon Ball Super is 

6: 2015/10/11(日) 09:37:18.05
Since when did he become a Super Saiyan?

8: 2015/10/11(日) 09:37:21.99
Hercule was a Saiyan?

9: 2015/10/11(日) 09:38:22.98
Are they joking?

12: 2015/10/11(日) 09:38:46.61
Huh? This is just messed up

17: 2015/10/11(日) 09:43:43.11
The voice actors are getting pretty old, they should just stop making sequels

19: 2015/10/11(日) 09:52:47.75
GT was interesting


21: 2015/10/11(日) 09:55:18.74
If they were properly taught the way of doing it, anyone can learn to use the Bukuujutsu right?
Even though he's a relative they won't teach him how to be careful or anything I guess

23: 2015/10/11(日) 09:56:44.78
Nah, he doesn't have any Saiyan blood

25: 2015/10/11(日) 09:58:44.69
Super is dragging always along like it's a movie version

36: 2015/10/11(日) 10:11:57.77
What is this...
Please stop doing reckless things and destroying the series.

40: 2015/10/11(日) 10:15:48.53
If Toriyama stopped at the Frieza arc he would have been able to put out a third hit like Dr. Slump or Dragon Ball
Those unintelligent editors at Shueisha let him continue it like an idiot

43: 2015/10/11(日) 10:19:24.20
Toriyama regrets not stopping it at the Frieza arc you know

66: 2015/10/11(日) 10:35:20.15
He regrets everything after the Frieza arc so there is no way he gave an OK to this rubbish anime

41: 2015/10/11(日) 10:16:23.19
This is like a Super Saiyan bargain sale



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