Sunday, October 11, 2015

Justin Bieber's Deterioration is Way Too Intense


1: 2015/10/06(火) 18:45:24.324 

no title

At an interview or his latest album "Purpose"

3: 2015/10/06(火) 18:45:44.254
That's Malfoy!

3: 2015/10/06(火) 18:45:44.254
Malfoy LOL


8: 2015/10/06(火) 18:46:07.056
He's considerably aging

14: 2015/10/06(火) 18:46:33.982
How did he end up with this hairstyle?

15: 2015/10/06(火) 18:46:35.275
He's going bald
His eyebrows are thick and dark and he looks like a kimowota

18: 2015/10/06(火) 18:46:44.125
Why is there a curse mark on his neck?

23: 2015/10/06(火) 18:47:49.617
This guy was a former Youtuber right?

29: 2015/10/06(火) 18:50:16.474
His tattoos are fatal


30: 2015/10/06(火) 18:51:38.115
Just what you would expect from the person with the most death threats in the world
He's retreating due to stress

39: 2015/10/06(火) 18:58:51.191
The man who ranked number one for most death threats in the world

40: 2015/10/06(火) 19:13:57.557
Why is he hated all over the world? Because he started on Youtube?

44: 2015/10/06(火) 19:31:48.149
To give an example from Japan he's like Hikakin who's sleeping with female fans left and right, doing things on many levels that make people want to fight him, and he does whatever he wants


48: 2015/10/06(火) 20:24:40.52
If you say Justin Beiber, then it's "pants at the waist"

no title

no title

no title

49: 2015/10/06(火) 21:46:41.22
The gay Malfoy


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