Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hamasaki Ayumi's American Husband Moves to Japan

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"When Hamasaki returned to Japan she spoke with her husband, but ultimately, her husband chose to live with Hamasaki in Japan. 'More than being a doctor, I want to be with you,' he said. It seems that he is thinking 'I want to become a strong man that can protect Ayu. I want to become closer to the type that she likes,' so he is trying to build muscle."

"Now ,when he is free, he is studying medicine, so it's not like he has completely given up on becoming a doctor. It's just that he is prioritizing his time with his wife and living in Japan."


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The first step to becoming a bum

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Is he a bum?

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I think that he should fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. 

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If things are going well with her husband then why did she post that tweet? 
At any rate she just wanted to get attention no matter what


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I can only think that he is out for her money

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Money > Feelings towards wanting to become a doctor

13. 匿名 2015/10/27(火) 12:16:54 [通報+439 -12
Within expectation

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Is he not at the level where he can take the doctor's examinations??

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Even if he became a doctor, I wouldn't want to be examined by this kind of doctor

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And they lived happily ever after

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You need money to become a doctor too

20. 匿名 2015/10/27(火) 12:18:04 [通報+550 -15
Since Ayu is the wife she doesn't need to work
Even so there have been a lot of Ayu topics


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