Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Yamada Takayuki is an Actor that Can Play All Sorts of Roles


1: 2015/09/06(日) 13:14:18.724
From a hero to a loan shark

2: 2015/09/06(日) 13:15:16.836
I was most into Yoshihiko


4: 2015/09/06(日) 13:15:28.052
He played an otaku too

6: 2015/09/06(日) 13:16:14.691
He can play a high school delinquent too

8: 2015/09/06(日) 13:16:46.361
Fujiwara Tatsuya


9: 2015/09/06(日) 13:17:20.441
Isn't Suzuki Ryohei amazing?

10: 2015/09/06(日) 13:17:27.318
He did the role of a construction worker too

11: 2015/09/06(日) 13:18:00.926
Ushijima-kun was the most suitable


16: 2015/09/06(日) 13:19:39.268
His canned coffee was also interesting

17: 2015/09/06(日) 13:19:50.378
On other hand for an ikemen to play Densha Otoko seemed a bit fake


19: 2015/09/06(日) 13:20:42.948
Apart from the largeness of his face and his short height, he is an actor without flaws

21: 2015/09/06(日) 13:21:44.648
He can't transcend gender so he has a way to go


25: 2015/09/06(日) 13:23:09.342
He's an average actor pretending like he can act

30: 2015/09/06(日) 13:28:25.906
His hoodlum role in Shinjuka Swan was cool


31: 2015/09/06(日) 13:29:02.196
I liked Yoshihiko
He's a skillful actor than can easily hand different roles

32: 2015/09/06(日) 13:29:09.908
Because he's not in the position to choose jobs that emphasize looks he has done various roles and just because of that he treated as a skillful actor

no title

33: 2015/09/06(日) 13:30:53.269
Matsuyama Kenichi

36: 2015/09/06(日) 13:37:00.763
As for Yamada Takayuki, if his height were a little bit taller he would be awesome

38: 2015/09/06(日) 13:39:15.904
Kubozuka Yosuke can play a wide range of roles too

39: 2015/09/06(日) 13:39:53.861
For acting anyway if we're talking about those who can get it done then Kusanagi does a pretty good job

48: 2015/09/06(日) 14:00:41.404
Yamada Takayuki
Kubozuka Yosuke
Yagira Yuya

I like these guys but they share the common feature of having a dangerous past

49: 2015/09/06(日) 14:11:48.715
Even if you say dangerous he had a secret child

15: 2015/09/06(日) 13:18:55.229
In the past he was just an ikemen actor but now he has become an actor with charm

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