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Will Takenouchi Yutaka be the Next to Marry After Fukuyama Masaharu?

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The Marriage Rush Won't Stop…The Next to Get Married After Fukuyama will be Takenouchi Yutaka? - messy|メッシー

There are only 3 months left in the year but there are lots of couples who have the "expectation of marriage." One that is likely is the couple of Tsumabuki Satoshi and the actress Maiko. Kitagawa Keiko and DAIGO are continuing their relationship and their marriage countdown is gaining attention.

There is also Takenouchi Yutaka and Kurushina Kana, whose marriage may shock fans the same are or even more than Fukuyam Masaharu. It's not that Takenouchi doesn't want to get married, it's just that "before he noticed he reached this age (40)."

There is also Morita Go who is living with Miyuki Arisu. There are signs that the "marriage rush" will continue.

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Sasaki Kuranosuke...

4. 匿名 2015/09/29(火) 11:45:24 [通報+416 -46
Please don't drive me into a corner any more than this...
Let this end with just Fukuyama Masaharu

5. 匿名 2015/09/29(火) 11:45:24 [通報+455 -9
There have been lots of marriages and pregnancies this year so it's a celebratory occasion

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If Takenouchi got married I will stay in bed all day (T_T)

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But I think that Morita Go might be lonely

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Even if Fukuyama or Takenouchi get married I won't think anything of it
I don't understand why everyone is shocked

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Celebrity gets married → Storm of jealous responses
This flow will continue endlessly

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Fukuyama gets married and it appears that Sasaki Kuranosuke starts trending w
Well certainly there aren't a lot of ikemen actors in around their 40s

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It was written in the previous topic but
Inoue Kouzou said that in Johnny's it has been decided that it will be one group per year
If that's true then the rumored people won't be able to get married

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If Takenouchi Yutaka, Oosawa Takao, or Sasaki Kuranosuke get married I can't.....

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It's a good thing isn't it, auspicious
Fans in general just hop on the bandwagon saying that they're sad and lonely but they are supporting him

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They're getting married one by one
If Tamaki Hiroshi got married I would be sad...

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If they have money I think that's nice but for me they're just Ossans so I don't see whats good about them

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Why is is that when celebrities get married people get shocked even if they aren't a fan?
It couldn't possibly be that you think you can marry them yourself?
I don't really understand though.

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He said that Fukiishi is so good at cooking that he has never bought a bento, Fukuyama got himself a good wife.




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