Friday, September 18, 2015

Why Isn't E-Girls Popular?


1: 2015/09/17(木) 11:07:32.84 
I think their performances are amazing

2: 2015/09/17(木) 11:07:53.27

4: 2015/09/17(木) 11:08:10.28
Their dancing is bad

5: 2015/09/17(木) 11:08:15.64
They're plenty popular aren't they?

6: 2015/09/17(木) 11:08:34.54
I like gaudy bitches but for some reason they don't excite me

8: 2015/09/17(木) 11:08:53.05
Other than the blondie they have no individuality


9: 2015/09/17(木) 11:09:19.22
I have the mysterious feeling that they probably smell bad 

10: 2015/09/17(木) 11:09:37.58
They have no appeal
They're not good enough to the point of making money off their performances

15: 2015/09/17(木) 11:10:17.65
But their faces...


16: 2015/09/17(木) 11:10:46.01
Reeks of Kpop

18: 2015/09/17(木) 11:11:01.73
Because they'e trying to interfere with Dream

19: 2015/09/17(木) 11:11:09.67
There are a lot of guys who think that they are a Korean group
After that they seem like they smell

21: 2015/09/17(木) 11:11:21.98
Before I thought they were a Chon* group
*Racist slur against Koreans

22: 2015/09/17(木) 11:11:24.72
I relatively like their songs

24: 2015/09/17(木) 11:12:24.03
I also thought they were a Korean group


26: 2015/09/17(木) 11:12:48.31
They have the feel of an old-fashioned Korean group and they seem like they smell bad

30: 2015/09/17(木) 11:13:18.97
Because they did media play

34: 2015/09/17(木) 11:13:51.36
Huh? Aren't they a Korean group?

36: 2015/09/17(木) 11:13:56.64
They're hated by idol wotas
They're hated by people who hate Koreans

37: 2015/09/17(木) 11:14:31.67
They're a rip off of Shoujo Jidai


38: 2015/09/17(木) 11:14:38.86
Their performances are Kpop and the fact that they have a large amount of members is AKB-like

39: 2015/09/17(木) 11:14:45.39
They're dances are too lively

46: 2015/09/17(木) 11:15:26.45
Their song Rydeen made me laugh

49: 2015/09/17(木) 11:16:05.22
Because you can't see what group they are trying to target

50: 2015/09/17(木) 11:16:05.94
No matter how much they try to make the blondie into a character I have no desire to listen to their songs  or watch their dancing


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