Friday, September 11, 2015

V6's Popular Program "Gakkou E Ikkou!" to Make a Comeback for One Night Only


1: 2015/09/09(水) 07:12:15.77 
To commemorate V6's 20th anniversary in 2015, TBS will bring back the legendary program "Gakkou E Ikkou!" for one night only this fall. 

2: 2015/09/09(水) 07:13:10.86
I look forward to it

4: 2015/09/09(水) 07:13:39.10
Will Mino Monta be on?

5: 2015/09/09(水) 07:13:55.69
Can they still do requests in these times?

6: 2015/09/09(水) 07:14:11.02
Only old men know about this program

8: 2015/09/09(水) 07:15:01.93
If they are going to bring back Gakkou E Ikkou then bring back Gachinko

9: 2015/09/09(水) 07:15:27.85
Oh no, I'm looking forward to this too much


10: 2015/09/09(水) 07:15:32.61
They should have done this once every year though, why didn't they do it like this?

11: 2015/09/09(水) 07:15:40.15
Aho da na~  [You're an idiot~]

24: 2015/09/09(水) 07:17:36.27
That's right! I'm an idiot!


14: 2015/09/09(水) 07:16:28.22
Will they take the requests of minors?

15: 2015/09/09(水) 07:16:40.60
This is the program that first used the word "kimoi" and made it popular

19: 2015/09/09(水) 07:17:22.94
This is so nostalgic I'll shed tears


21: 2015/09/09(水) 07:17:28.71
I like Nanshiki Globe


33: 2015/09/09(水) 07:18:42.86
Please do the "Where are you going?" game


35: 2015/09/09(水) 07:18:46.87
Middle school students: "V6?"

36: 2015/09/09(水) 07:18:50.81
The kids who shouted from the rooftops are already 30 years old

38: 2015/09/09(水) 07:19:08.11
Do it every week


48: 2015/09/09(水) 07:20:09.57
Shounen Okada

55: 2015/09/09(水) 07:21:03.76
Arashi's programs are boring so I want them to do this every week



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