TOKIO's Kokubun Taichi Announces Marriage

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It has been understood that Kokubun Taichi, from the popular idol group TOKIO, will be getting married.

This is mail from the Johnny's fan club. 
When I opened it it said "A notice from Kokubun Taichi." I thought what could it be...
It said "I am going to getting married." 
It also said, "At this turning point in my life I want to tell this to the people who will support me more than anyone else."
Taichi-kun, congratulations. I will support you from now on. 

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With who????

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Huuh? Congratulations!

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8. おまんこ 2015/09/11(金) 13:16:06 [通報+487 -60

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Huh, congratulations!
Everyone will ride this wave~ ♡♡♡

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Actually I wanted to marry Kokubun...

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Is her first name...Aiko-san?

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It's has been announced who he is marrying yet?

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He had a girlfriend!!
A non-celebrity?!

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Congrats! Who is the other person??

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This is the 2nd one in TOKIO huh, congratulations!

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Another one in the group has been defeated! 笑

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There is a rumor that the woman is a former employee of TBS!

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With who?!

20. 匿名 2015/09/11(金) 13:16:45 [通報+1683 -812 this is the mysterious man who continues to appear on TV even though he has no talent

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When a Johnny gets married they send a souvenir(?) to the fans?

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I thought only one person could get married in a group

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This person is kind of scary

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His morning information program isn't over yet?


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