Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Lyrics for Nishino Kana's Song are Too Weird


1: 2015/09/11(金)20:43:11 ID:cYm
Hmm~m who is going to sympathize with this? www
She's too much of a troublesome woman ww

"Thank you for choosing little old me on this occasion
Before using me please read this user's manual and always treat me gently
This is a limited edition item so it can't be exchanged
Please be understanding of this
There are times when I suddenly get in a bad mood
Even if you ask the reason I will get mad if you leave me alone"

2: 2015/09/11(金)20:44:06 ID:cYm
This is too unreasonable w

4: 2015/09/11(金)20:44:34
That was going around on Twitter.
"Little old me" is for a dog or cat that you bought

7: 2015/09/11(金)20:46:23 ID:cYm
"When you praise me regularly I will last a long time
Notice that my nails or pretty or that I have made little changes
Look at me properly
But it's okay if you don't notice when I gain wait or other extra little things
If I become a little old and you begin to look at others
Remember the day that we first met"

She'll last long if you praise her regularly huh www
You can't throw her away if she becomes old w


8: 2015/09/11(金)20:46:49
The Touhoku earthquake happened because I wanted to meet this girl and I quivered
The reason the bank broke was because I left her alone and she got mad

11: 2015/09/11(金)20:47:21
This is a song for dogs and cats right?
These aren't lyrics for humans

15: 2015/09/11(金)20:49:02 ID:cYm
"Take me on a trip every once in a while
Let's have a fashionable dinner
Escort me coolly without saying it's out of character
Take all my broad heart and deep love"

She has a lot of requests ww She seems like a woman that will get pissed if you don't take her along ww

16: 2015/09/11(金)20:49:03
There weren't any lyrics that are similar to Radwimps?

18: 2015/09/11(金)20:51:39
This will make you normally pull back www This woman is a ticking time bomb ww


20: 2015/09/11(金)20:52:00 ID:cYm
It seems that I won't be able to find love

no title
Men who heard Nishino Kana's "Torisetsu" and thought that she is a troublesome woman shouldn't bother to date

23: 2015/09/11(金)20:55:32 ID:cYm

no title
This is biased but women who say "I can agree with this~" about Nishino Kana's "Torisetsu" seem like they wouldn't read the user's manual [torisetsu] for electronics

They certainly seem like they wouldn't read the user's manual

26: 2015/09/11(金)21:00:06
I thought this was an easy song to listen to but it's gross

31: 2015/09/11(金)21:21:30
I get the amazing feeling that this will definitely be popular among high school girls

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