Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Fans Who Showed Up to Arashi's Concert Were Too Dangerous


1: 2015/09/21(月) 18:36:02.45

On September 21 Arashi held their "ARASHI BLAST in Miyagi" concert. At the concert, fans were spotted carrying uchiwa (paper fans) with "traitor" and "disappear" written on them. 

Ohno was discovered to have been dating former actress "A-san." Soon after he denied the relationship, saying they were just friends, and apologized to fans, saying he never lived with her and that he would never be meeting her again. 

On the internet, fans reported that they saw uchiwa that had "disappear" "traitor" "break up with her" and "Ohno-kun is terrible" written on them. 

2: 2015/09/21(月) 18:37:21.60
If she really were his friends, his reaction of promising to never meet her again would be strange

5: 2015/09/21(月) 18:38:44.77
Taima-kun is already a traitor

4: 2015/09/21(月) 18:38:35.28

no title
*If there's a traitor in here or someone who knows the traitor

7: 2015/09/21(月) 18:39:31.55
Is he a traitor just because he got a girlfriend?
Why? I don't understand

8: 2015/09/21(月) 18:39:58.03
He's already 34 so leave him alone!

12: 2015/09/21(月) 18:40:40.68
To Ohno-kun's fans
My condolences wwwww pffft www

17: 2015/09/21(月) 18:42:01.38
How many times has it been for this Taima-kun bastard
He's Arashi's Minegishi


19: 2015/09/21(月) 18:42:48.87
Just by being called Taima-kun he has that kind of human nature

21: 2015/09/21(月) 18:44:29.89
Idol wotas aren't really different whether man or woman

25: 2015/09/21(月) 18:46:07.63
Taima-kun isn't doing any Ohno!

36: 2015/09/21(月) 18:48:46.00
Huh? Do they think they can marry Taima-kun?
If you're a fan then how about you wish him happiness?

41: 2015/09/21(月) 18:50:14.58
Taima-kun should shave his head too w


52: 2015/09/21(月) 18:53:39.98
Has Nino been forgive for being with various women?
My Nagasawa Masami-chan was picked up by Nino though?


56: 2015/09/21(月) 18:55:03.85
What's so good about an Ossan that seems like he would be seen around those parts


91: 2015/09/21(月) 19:05:52.46
There are a lot of people with strange personalities who become fans of these uglies so if you make them angry they become scary

98: 2015/09/21(月) 19:07:27.14
Next they're going to meet in a way so they won't get caught

127: 2015/09/21(月) 19:18:25.65
Arashi are also forbidden to date? w

142: 2015/09/21(月) 19:22:37.50
The fans already accept him dating. They just snapped at him putting his girlfriend's dog on the goods and selling them

162: 2015/09/21(月) 19:29:00.68
An Ossan over the age of 34 can't date...

72: 2015/09/21(月) 18:59:33.58
A 34 year old Ojisan can't be a traitor
Find a boyfriend in real the real world



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