Sunday, September 13, 2015

Scarlett Johansson Without Makeup


1: 2015/09/12(土) 01:08:38.28 ●.net BE:263277733-PLT(16000) ポイント特典

no title

Pictures from her movies

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2: 2015/09/12(土) 01:09:41.68
The change wwwwwww

4: 2015/09/12(土) 01:09:56.44
Seriously? w She's too ugly lol w

5: 2015/09/12(土) 01:10:17.29
With no makeup she's pretty much an Ossan
Her pores are huge and dirty

6: 2015/09/12(土) 01:10:33.88
This is normal ain't it, with no makeup this is one of the better ones

7: 2015/09/12(土) 01:11:11.63
She's ugly even with makeup www

13: 2015/09/12(土) 01:11:56.58
She looks like a high school girl from the boonies

14: 2015/09/12(土) 01:12:55.03
She' wasn't beautiful in the first place


18: 2015/09/12(土) 01:15:59.57
She has a dolphin face

21: 2015/09/12(土) 01:16:58.69
She draws on her eyebrows doesn't she

25: 2015/09/12(土) 01:19:39.22
I think that it's good that this kind of girl exists over a bunch of faces that look the same
I love a face like Neve Campbell's though w

27: 2015/09/12(土) 01:21:37.00
She has makeup on doesn't she wwww

30: 2015/09/12(土) 01:22:19.90
Hilary Duff

no title

No makeup

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38: 2015/09/12(土) 01:28:34.78
This is much better than girls who shave their eyebrows and have dirty faces

42: 2015/09/12(土) 01:30:28.12
Japanese people

no title

53: 2015/09/12(土) 01:38:41.37

no title


no title

62: 2015/09/12(土) 01:46:54.25
She looks like an athlete
She should have a pretty face depending on the angle
Her husky voice is nice

64: 2015/09/12(土) 01:48:51.63
I thought she would be more beautiful because she's a Hollywood star

66: 2015/09/12(土) 01:51:09.20
But if I saw her in person I think she would be pretty. Maybe

69: 2015/09/12(土) 01:55:47.89
White people have a lot of makeup power

70: 2015/09/12(土) 01:56:07.15
I think she's really pretty though

83: 2015/09/12(土) 02:08:39.94
She looks like a soccer player

no title

88: 2015/09/12(土) 02:13:00.03
This is a soccer player

no title

86: 2015/09/12(土) 02:11:07.70
Don't destroy my dreams

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