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There are a lot of antis here but I like Ayu!
I went to this year's tour 3 times.
The songs I like are Memorial address, Last minute,GAME,Microphone,progress,A Song for ××…
And more but I can't write them all but there are a lot!
Fundamentally I like rocker Ayu (^o^)
The tours I like are Rock'n'Roll Circus、and POWER of MUSIC!
The first a capella of forgiveness on the POWER of MUSIC tour moved me to goosebumps!
People who like Ayu, let's talk about the songs, PVs, and concerts you like! (*^_^*)

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People say that she has deteriorated, but the first person that comes up in regards to Japans utahimes is Hamasaki Ayumi after all

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I am curious about what her fans think about her voice not coming out.

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If she didn't expose herself I think she would be pretty cute even now

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I like the songs she sold in 2000.

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People who hate Ayu please don't come to place for people who like her!!
I am inspired by Ayu and her shows! She's really pretty!!

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From the fans' viewpoint is this cute?


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In  her golden days throughout 2000 she had the charisma of a female high school student, and the things that Ayu has done and accomplished are already a cultural phenomenon! Various things are said about her but I think she is an utahime who built a generation ☆

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Because the current Ayu isn't much to look at


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I sing her songs at karaoke even now!
I love evolution!

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I bet there are people who are like "I liked her long ago" www

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I think that it's obvious for anyone to deteriorate as the years pile up.

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People who aren't fans don't you out of your way to come here!!!!
Can't you read the topic title?

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She's cute~

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I think that it's amazing that she debuted at the time when CD sales were hanging low, and has the number record for sales as a solo artist.

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I love Ayu


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Antis go somewhere!

I like this Ayu ♡ Kawaii ♡


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I love Ayu ❤️


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I like Ayu! I like her from the past and now!

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Now Ayu doesn't have the same vigor as before, but when I was in elementary and middle school wherever you looked on TV there was Ayu, and even the girls around me were all about Ayu! And it was amazing. She really had amazing charisma~ No one can surpass her so I really think that's amazing!
Honestly I think she has a completely different status than the current boom of AKB and the like..

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If I were to say it one way or the other I guess I like Ayu.

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