Okoe Rui: "Japan Still has Racism"


1: 2015/09/03(木) 16:12:20.17
The athlete who Okoe is aware of is the track athlete, Hakeem Sani Brown (16= 2nd year at Josai). He is a hafu with a father from Ghana and a Japanese mother. In the second event of the July World Youth Track Tournament in Colombia, a beat the tournament's record and won. At the August Beijing Word Track Tournament he was unfortunately defeated in the semifinals, but he is a new star that has hopes for next years Olympics at Rio De Janeiro and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

Because they are in the same "situation," he can share the same feelings. Okoe continued, "Because there are races of various skin colors overseas it's a normal thing, but in Japan someone with my kind of skin color gets discriminated against, and that kind of thing is still there. So that's why in sports or anything else, I want me or Sani Brown to become top athletes, and try our hardest to make this acknowledged as a given."



6: 2015/09/03(木) 16:14:15.92
If there was a button to become a white person he seems like he would push it

7: 2015/09/03(木) 16:14:19.63
He says this on the premise that he gets drafted into the pros lol

8: 2015/09/03(木) 16:14:29.62
It's not the skin color it's the race

12: 2015/09/03(木) 16:16:06.72
There's a kuro gyaru in women's volleyball

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*Miyabe Airi, half-Japanese half-Nigerian

94: 2015/09/03(木) 16:24:27.47
This girl is like a regular girl and she's cute

13: 2015/09/03(木) 16:16:08.13
There is no country without racism

21: 2015/09/03(木) 16:17:28.05
In England and the like black track athletes face racism, it seems

36: 2015/09/03(木) 16:19:34.11
Details please

60: 2015/09/03(木) 16:22:06.62
Farah, who got the gold in 5000m and 10000m was made fun of within his country

24: 2015/09/03(木) 16:17:57.16
Is Sani Brown the guy who made fun of baseball in his interview?


29: 2015/09/03(木) 16:18:51.70
They say that when you participate in an activity your true wild instincts come out so racism won't go away

33: 2015/09/03(木) 16:19:19.19
There is no country without racism and it will never not be done
Because humans are beings that like discrimination

38: 2015/09/03(木) 16:19:44.22
Does Okoe no think he's sorry to Ramos?


41: 2015/09/03(木) 16:19:49.83
I don't want this guy to be in the draft
He's showing off

46: 2015/09/03(木) 16:20:38.79
If this guy ended up being active in Samurai Japan at WBC then I wouldn't be particularly happy
It would be the feeling of a supporter doing activities

50: 2015/09/03(木) 16:21:00.35
Rather than racism in Japan I would day that he is being seen as odd
We're closed off so it can't be helped
In that meaning white people and black people get treated the same

72: 2015/09/03(木) 16:22:38.91
I read Cromartie's "Saraba Samurai Yakyuu" and he said the exact same thing as that
Do you not feel embarrassed from quoting from Cromartie's biography?


58: 2015/09/03(木) 16:22:00.97
I won't say that there's no racism but I wonder if he's becoming too oversensitive

59: 2015/09/03(木) 16:22:01.10
If he went to Harlem there would be no discrimination

71: 2015/09/03(木) 16:22:38.42
With Sani Brown and Okoe becoming the top
No one will think that it's obvious because they're half black

77: 2015/09/03(木) 16:22:57.17
If you are different person outwardly, in Japan you won't be immune
Honestly, if he was in my class then I would be nervous. If his Japanese is normal then ah---I'll get used to being with him

79: 2015/09/03(木) 16:23:04.37
Okoe-kun, first be acknowledged by the world then let's talk

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87: 2015/09/03(木) 16:24:04.11
The Miss Universe person: *grin*

91: 2015/09/03(木) 16:24:17.86
Discrimination is bad but differentiation is necessary
In the future when Okoe is active, if the inquiry of why is he able to be active comes up and it's brought up that his race is the cause, then that's not discrimination

93: 2015/09/03(木) 16:24:27.44
The Japanese soccer players in Europe, I bet they're having more ugly things done to them
But this is not the kind of comment that will be left

95: 2015/09/03(木) 16:24:33.80
I think that there is much worse racism overseas

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