Naomi Watanbe Shows of Her "Beyonce" Look

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渡辺直美、“ビヨンセ”姿でロサンゼルスへ 「色気とオーラが凄い」ゴージャスさに絶賛 - エンタメ - ニュース - クランクイン!

On Watanabe's instagram there were comments such as "Oooh~ Gorgeous" "The gorgeousness of this is unreal!" "Super sexy" "Her sexy aura is amazing"

渡辺直美、“ビヨンセ”姿でロサンゼルスへ 「色気とオーラが凄い」ゴージャスさに絶賛

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I love Naomi

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Her boobs are huge!!

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There's no sense of cleanliness

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Even if she's fat, since she's this confident she looks cool!!

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Amazing www

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This natural feel?  (笑)
I want to become one of her girlfriends

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Watanabe Naomi is fat, but she's pretty. The original is good, after all.

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Awesome ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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She gained weight again w
Is her health okay?

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Well, here it is. Girl Channel netizens who are nice to a fat celebrity. (※ However they are strict on lesser known fatties)

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Yup, gorgeous!
She's someone who seems like she would be popular overseas

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She's really gorgeous
This person is big but she looks good in photos

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When I didn't know Beyonce and saw Watanabe Naomi, I thought that Beyonce would be that kind of person but when I looked her up she was totally different and I was shocked (笑)

渡辺直美、“ビヨンセ”姿でロサンゼルスへ 「色気とオーラが凄い」ゴージャスさに絶賛

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