Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Morita Go Photographed Together with His Girlfriend


1: 2015/09/22(火) 15:22:17.92

no title

3: 2015/09/22(火) 15:23:18.97
They're still dating?

4: 2015/09/22(火) 15:24:11.87
Even if they didn't have the masks no one would notice and even if they did notice notice they wouldn't think anything of it

13: 2015/09/22(火) 15:27:10.78
He hugged Ueto too huh


18: 2015/09/22(火) 15:27:49.79
Miyuki Arisu retired so she could get married to Morita

25: 2015/09/22(火) 15:29:21.21
Morita's habit is stealing other people's women huh

25: 2015/09/22(火) 15:29:21.21
The woman has a tall height

27: 2015/09/22(火) 15:29:41.91
Why did they come out together?

31: 2015/09/22(火) 15:30:06.85
Next after Arashi is V6

34: 2015/09/22(火) 15:30:57.83
Miyuki Arisu is beautiful


39: 2015/09/22(火) 15:32:03.74
If this also resulted in marriage Morita's fans would go crazy

39: 2015/09/22(火) 15:32:03.74
In V6 only Okada has fans so Morita is safe

102: 2015/09/22(火) 15:44:29.40
You don't know V6 fans
Okada isn't that popular
The terrible ones are Miyake's fans

48: 2015/09/22(火) 15:32:55.78
Ueto Aya's first partner was Morita

63: 2015/09/22(火) 15:35:39.27
This guy really fell off because he broke up with Ueto Aya

77: 2015/09/22(火) 15:38:22.75
Morita is approved of normally 
His lead role in a movie has been decided and his stage career is going great, he's amazing

86: 2015/09/22(火) 15:40:51.85
When he got Ueto Aya when she was a high school student he was winning in life


87: 2015/09/22(火) 15:41:17.37
Of course they won't go as far as marriage

87: 2015/09/22(火) 15:41:17.37
Fans follow the current Morita even when he's outside of his home?

107: 2015/09/22(火) 15:45:16.28
Someone please marry Joshima Leader
He's recently learned how to cook, but various things would make it impossible...

城島 最後

109: 2015/09/22(火) 15:46:17.52
V6, SMAP and TOKIO get married already

115: 2015/09/22(火) 15:47:42.11
Morita Go was born in 1978 so he's already a 38 year old Ossan

130: 2015/09/22(火) 15:54:57.58
Speaking of which Miyuki Arisu had a good figure
But I'm more of a Yokoyama Miyuki kind of guy


6: 2015/09/22(火) 15:25:19.89
They usually just sleep with women and run
My impression of Johnny's has risen


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