Miyuki Arisu, the Sexy Actress that is Living with Morita Go is Retiring for Marriage?

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  森田剛と同棲中 セクシー女優・美雪ありすに寿引退説を直撃|週刊女性PRIME [シュージョプライム] | YOUのココロ刺激する

-It seems that you will quit being a sexy actress, does that mean you're "retiring for marriage"?

"That has nothing to do with it. That is something I decided on my own so it has no relation  [to marriage]."

-It seems that your relationship with Morita Go is going well, but are you thinking of getting married sooner or later?

"About that...it will cause trouble to [him], so I won't be saying anything about it myself."

-Definitely continue towards the goal of marriage.

"Is it a goal? Uh, sure. Thank you."

▼Morita Go

森田剛と同棲中 セクシー女優・美雪ありすに寿引退説を直撃

▼Miyuki Arisu, who he is living with

森田剛と同棲中 セクシー女優・美雪ありすに寿引退説を直撃

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Sexy actress? (笑)
AV right, pure and simple.
*adult video

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There are more beautiful women over "there" than in the entertainment world

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The difference between him and Inocchi 笑

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Hmm, Ueto would have been better.
But I think positively of him for protecting his girlfriend.
Now it's been 20 years, and it would be good if he doesn't have any weird scandals.
I know about his golden days so I'm sad.

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There is no way that company will allow a marriage with a sexy actress.
If that's the case then they would allow a marriage with Ueto Aya

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This Miyuki-san or whatever, it is psychologically impossible to stand her face

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She's a sexy actress right, Morita's image will take a necessary downturn (*_*)

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The fact that she's an AV actress doesn't have a very good image in society

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From chaotic rumors to continuing to the relationship, this time it's a rumor of retirement huh~

V6森田剛、結婚も考えていたAV女優とすれちがいで破局 「V6は来年デビュー20周年で、いまがいちばん大事な時期。メンバーそれぞれが仕事に励んでいるなかで、責任感の強い彼も仕事モードに入っていったんです。でもA子さんはとにかく森田くんと一緒にいたかった。...

V6森田剛、破局報道があったセクシー女優 美雪ありすと継続愛 週刊女性
V6森田剛、破局報道があったセクシー女優 美雪ありすと継続愛 週刊女性ツーショット直撃撮! V6森田剛セクシー女優と合鍵同棲継続愛 破局どころか、左手薬指におそろリングピカッ❤ 週刊女性 | 主婦と生活社V6森田剛 セクシー女優・美雪ありすと合鍵同棲 堂々...

It feels like a conflict between Johnny's which wants them to break up and Morita Go who wants to get married

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AV actresses have it tough hm~
The videos still remain, even if they retire their past will follow them around.

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I don't know that woman...

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Ueto would have been better.
They were seen bowling a lot in Iwatsuki

森田剛と同棲中 セクシー女優・美雪ありすに寿引退説を直撃

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Johnny's: (frustration)

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What is a sexy actress?
AV right

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The second marriage in V6?

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When the woman is the one who quits her job that means even if she doesn't enter the family register she's still the common law wife or it's a de facto marriage?

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I want to see her face

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On the contrary,
if a Johnny married an AV actress,
it would become a legend.

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Morita Go looks like a hoodlum so they might make a good couple

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In one way Morita Go it is amazing for dating an AV actress

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I think Morita Go is chivalrous for trying to protect his girlfriend but,
But for a Johnny's idol to marry an AV actress is impossible as expected...

森田剛と同棲中 セクシー女優・美雪ありすに寿引退説を直撃

森田剛と同棲中 セクシー女優・美雪ありすに寿引退説を直撃

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