Friday, September 18, 2015

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is Becoming Completely Irrelevant

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1: 2015/09/17(木) 11:20:55.04

1st 13,000枚 Tsukematsukeru
*2nd *9,000枚 CANDY CANDY
*3rd 21,000枚 Fashion Monster
*4th 21,000枚 Kimi ni 100 Percent
*5th 26,648枚 Ninjari Bang Bang
*6th 16,460枚 Invader Invader
*7th 14,813枚 Mottainai Land
*8th 12,378枚 Yume no Hajimarinrin
*9th 15,762枚 Family Party
10th 16,032枚 Monday Girl
11th *7,677枚 Crazy Party Night~Pumpkin no Gyakushu~

This is the pattern of not beginning to note sell at all. Okay! I won this argument

3: 2015/09/17(木) 11:22:17.14
But she has earned money that she can use to play with for the rest of her life. Okay! I won this argument

4: 2015/09/17(木) 11:22:16.47
The units are in thousands right?

8: 2015/09/17(木) 11:23:12.48
People who buy that kind of person's CDs are amazing

9: 2015/09/17(木) 11:23:16.68
On that reasoning she was already done with on the 2nd CD

10: 2015/09/17(木) 11:23:45.81
She already has a successor with bangs, who is super short, bad at singing and ugly so she's not needed

11: 2015/09/17(木) 11:24:03.84
Why did it drop so much

16: 2015/09/17(木) 11:25:55.65
They've really held on to that fraud of her "being popular overseas"

17: 2015/09/17(木) 11:25:56.01
Even though 100 Percent is a good song Ninjari Bang Bang sold more

18: 2015/09/17(木) 11:26:06.45
She began to be mistaken as an artist so it can't be helped

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20: 2015/09/17(木) 11:26:42.00
Where was she mistaken?

19: 2015/09/17(木) 11:26:31.85
But she's getting a ride at Universal Studios Japan
Becoming a ride on your own is too out of this world

24: 2015/09/17(木) 11:28:00.85
Seriously? That's amazing

36: 2015/09/17(木) 11:31:54.50
Is Kyary becoming an attraction at Universal Studios Japan? Dash into the mysterious world! 

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45: 2015/09/17(木) 11:34:47.80

no title

22: 2015/09/17(木) 11:27:18.76
She wasn't really selling that much from before

23: 2015/09/17(木) 11:27:59.76
Kya: "The one who is done with isn't Kyary it's Yasutaka"

25: 2015/09/17(木) 11:28:04.44
It's Hamada Bamyu Bamyu's time to shine

31: 2015/09/17(木) 11:29:47.15
She said that it would be good to quit the Kyary character
Kyary herself doesn't have any motivation so it can't be helped

37: 2015/09/17(木) 11:32:06.95
For someone who started as a magazine model she did very good


47: 2015/09/17(木) 11:36:00.13
Didn't she break up with the guy from Sekai no Owari?
Why was that, because she had an affair with Tegoshi?

48: 2015/09/17(木) 11:36:23.46
She really is turning so irrelevant it's not even funny
Where was there any demand for her in the first place?

49: 2015/09/17(木) 11:36:24.18
I only like Mondai Girl



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