Ishihara Satomi and Yamashita Tomohisa to Star in "Gestuku" Drama

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石原さとみ月9初主演で豪華タッグ!“イケメン僧侶”山Pと初共演 (1/3ページ) - 芸能社会 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)


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I want to see~

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Yamashita Tomohisa will also become infatuated with Ishihara Satomi too huh

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I don't know this manga but I thought she suited a role like Saeko


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The NEWS that Yamapi was in

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Ishihara Satomi is skilled but
Yamashita's acting isn't improving at all

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Is Yamapi going to shave his hair?!

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Yamashita's acting...

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When I heard that he will play a monk I thought that he might shave his hair w
He's not going to do that right w

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I'll get my eye candy ♡

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Yamapi suits princely type characters
It's just that, the feeling that there's only that is unavoidable

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Yamashita-san, will you cut your hair for the role? Your senpai KimuTaku appeared with long hair in a war movie

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Yamapi's doing a somewhat weird role again huh
I think that a role like Proposal Daisakusen is better
Hmm since he's 30 that kind of role would be difficult


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When I heard ikemen monk, I remembered the advertisement for this manga (^^;;

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