Thursday, September 17, 2015

Is Utada Hikaru and Genius Singer from a Worldwide Standpoint?


1: 2015/09/15(火) 02:24:31.50 
What do you think?

2: 2015/09/15(火) 02:25:24.38
Rather than singer she's a singer songwriter

3: 2015/09/15(火) 02:28:28.77
Hmm for Japan she's the one and only, a genius who completely surpassed Hibari Misora
Bjork is one step above

7: 2015/09/15(火) 02:31:01.90
Her talent as a singer is absolute

9: 2015/09/15(火) 02:31:21.78
If you say she's a genius then that's true but there are a lot of singers on that level around the world
From a worldwide standpoint she's not a genius

10: 2015/09/15(火) 02:32:19.60
Utada Hikaru's live singing is horrible
Just on live singing alone I feel like she would even lose to Lady Gaga


15: 2015/09/15(火) 02:34:17.47
Compared to PSY and the like she has a lower estimation but despite that she really gave it her all

16: 2015/09/15(火) 02:34:40.75
Am I the only one who thinks that Aaliyah is more of a genius than Utada Hikaru?
She died at age 22 though

19: 2015/09/15(火) 02:35:40.65
Aaliyah didn't write any songs

20: 2015/09/15(火) 02:35:51.92
Utada is a genius but for better or for worse she's only popular in Japan


21: 2015/09/15(火) 02:36:16.46
When you ask whether or not she's a genius singer whether or not she writes songs has nothing to do with it

35: 2015/09/15(火) 02:38:15.94
Okay as a singer she gets 4 points

24: 2015/09/15(火) 02:36:53.76
In the sphere of Asia hasn't Hamasaki Ayumi sold more than Utada Hikaru

32: 2015/09/15(火) 02:38:06.08
Utada Hikaru is a good-bad singer just like Yumin
She's not good but she has an appeal that draws in Japanese people

37: 2015/09/15(火) 02:39:03.73
On the contrary good singers don't sell very well in Japan
Koyanagi Yuki immediately disappeared


49: 2015/09/15(火) 02:44:11.01
Various things are said about Utada Hikaru because she doesn't have vocal power but
When other people who are said to be good sing Utada's songs
It's different after all w
It's the sense of rhythm and such and you get the sense that the way she quivers her voice is a special characteristic that can't be mimicked www

51: 2015/09/15(火) 02:44:24.11
When you think of it now Utada was only popular because she was young

54: 2015/09/15(火) 02:45:27.58
Cyndi Lauper is a genius don't you think


55: 2015/09/15(火) 02:45:52.70
As a singer she's the best in the history of Japan
However, we're saying internationally

67: 2015/09/15(火) 02:56:35.22
If she's a genius then what the heck is Jessie J w

74: 2015/09/15(火) 03:02:54.51
There are only a handful of women in their teens who can write a song and even arrange it

76: 2015/09/15(火) 03:04:04.45
Either way, a singer that can surpass Utada in Japanese won't come for another 100 years

Her natural rhythm sense. the quality of her voice, her grip on sound, her mysterious intonation, it's impossible
Her first album is one that can compare to Sonny Rollins' Saxophone Colossus 

90: 2015/09/15(火) 03:13:07.62
Listening to her now she's definitely a genius


93: 2015/09/15(火) 03:14:28.12
In the west alone there are 100 people who are on the same level as Utada debuting every year

103: 2015/09/15(火) 03:37:16.47
Even in Japan she's not a genius

106: 2015/09/15(火) 03:41:55.65
There are only a few who are better singers than Utada

110: 2015/09/15(火) 03:50:11.40
Utada's pitch is bad
Her concert was terrible

112: 2015/09/15(火) 04:04:42.92
There are Japanese people who are better than Utada but there's not many

84: 2015/09/15(火) 03:08:01.95
She debuted songs that she wrote and composed herself at 15
Compare that to Hello Project members and AKB



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