Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gackt Gets Attention for Having a Weird Stomach

1: 2015/09/18(金) 15:14:03.55
On the 12th Gackt updated his blog. It was a self taken picture of himself in front of mirror without a shirt on, but on the net fans said things such as "Gackt's stomach, isn't it weird?" and "His stomach pokes out, it looks like he's constipated. I heard that when you do drugs you tend to get constipated..."


2: 2015/09/18(金) 15:16:41.18
He's making an appeal toward Rizak*
*Product for getting a flatter stomach

9: 2015/09/18(金) 15:18:37.97
He's getting too much carbs

10: 2015/09/18(金) 15:19:29.21
Those are the same abs as Takasu*
*Takasu Tatsuya, prominent plastic surgeon in Tokyo

34: 2015/09/18(金) 15:31:48.07
So that means he got liposuction

11: 2015/09/18(金) 15:19:32.24
He's the male version of the Kano sisters


13: 2015/09/18(金) 15:20:37.97
It's the way the picture was taken isn't it
I don't know if he's doing drugs or it he's constipated, but
Even for guys who train their bodies, if they take a picture from that angle, it will end up like that

15: 2015/09/18(金) 15:21:07.76
Male version Oshio Manabu*
*Former singer convicted of drug use

16: 2015/09/18(金) 15:21:23.64
Didn't he just get pregnant?


19: 2015/09/18(金) 15:23:09.42
His occupation is being a Japanese person


23: 2015/09/18(金) 15:26:23.28
This is too gross
He sure posted this on his blog

24: 2015/09/18(金) 15:26:51.91
He's seriously becoming weird

27: 2015/09/18(金) 15:27:33.43
This looks like he painted on his abs wwww

30: 2015/09/18(金) 15:29:38.64
Gackt trains his muscles everyday so his abs are amazing

32: 2015/09/18(金) 15:31:27.92
For those weird bulgy abs he sure has gangly shoulders and arms


36: 2015/09/18(金) 15:32:48.61
Gackt only has liposuction done on his abs so he as a weird body shape
When you look at the sides of his arms and body or around his shoulders you can tell he is a middle aged man who lacks exercise

40: 2015/09/18(金) 15:35:13.12
Fundraising fraud Dokuto

42: 2015/09/18(金) 15:36:56.39
It is a dark rumor that he falsifies his height?

44: 2015/09/18(金) 15:38:11.83
Everyone's stomach pokes out when you become an Ossan


49: 2015/09/18(金) 15:47:29.01
Why was the bank account for the Tohouku earthquake disaster donations for a Korean company?

55: 2015/09/18(金) 15:49:42.56
Did he get plastic surgery on his abs at a Takasu clinic?

59: 2015/09/18(金) 15:57:48.85
When you use steroids swelling of the organs will occur

61: 2015/09/18(金) 16:00:06.04
Gackt's slender body from when he debuted was the best

61: 2015/09/18(金) 16:00:06.04
If you eat too many diet foods you will not be able to excrete normally

69: 2015/09/18(金) 16:08:01.46
There are too many black rumors about him LOL
If there are that many, then which ones are true? w



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