Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Death Note is Surprisingly Watchable

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1: 2015/09/07(月) 11:24:40.39 
The fans of the original just made a big fuss

4: 2015/09/07(月) 11:26:42.73
In reality the beginning was too terrible
The current development is a prize for putting up with the drama

6: 2015/09/07(月) 11:27:13.33
It's my weekly routine to watch in on Monday
So when it ends I'll be sad

7: 2015/09/07(月) 11:27:53.51
When you compare L to the movie version he's too crappy but other than that it's pretty good!

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8: 2015/09/07(月) 11:28:12.19
If they followed the original closely then you'd be able to guess what will happen
I'm glad they did it like this

9: 2015/09/07(月) 11:28:39.42
I watched the drama and watched the movie recently and for mysteriously the movie looks shabby
L was better in the movie but other than that the drama is better

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12: 2015/09/07(月) 11:30:09.04
I am Mello (reality)
This isn't Death Note! (drooling face)

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16: 2015/09/07(月) 11:31:58.29
The actor for Light is good
L's character is out of the question

18: 2015/09/07(月) 11:32:02.54
I admire Kubota Mastaka's facial expressions. His face is evil in itself


21: 2015/09/07(月) 11:32:56.38
It's because of his girlfriend
Our gracious Tabe-chan

26: 2015/09/07(月) 11:33:54.48
He's Tabe-chan's man?

20: 2015/09/07(月) 11:32:46.95
If they changed Sano Hinako with Hashimoto Kanna that would be god-like

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22: 2015/09/07(月) 11:33:07.37
Mello came to be laughed at right?

25: 2015/09/07(月) 11:33:51.57
The Near role should have went to Gouriki Ayame

28: 2015/09/07(月) 11:34:35.87
The acting of the person who plays Light is good
L is to the side

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31: 2015/09/07(月) 11:35:23.74
On the contrary are there any young actors who can pull of the L role?

46: 2015/09/07(月) 11:38:06.61
Kurihara Rui


35: 2015/09/07(月) 11:36:33.54
I watched from the 2nd episode and got disappointed so now I'm not watching

39: 2015/09/07(月) 11:37:18.00
Kubota might be more fit for the role than Fujiwara Tatsuya

42: 2015/09/07(月) 11:37:36.02
The acting is good

43: 2015/09/07(月) 11:37:41.33
I am Mello. Another personality within Near. 

45: 2015/09/07(月) 11:37:59.84
If there wasn't original components that no one asked for like idol wotas and Near and Mello being one then this would have been an okay drama 

51: 2015/09/07(月) 11:39:04.46
I cracked up at Mello's self introduction

56: 2015/09/07(月) 11:40:06.48
In the end it didn't follow the route of directly following the original?

62: 2015/09/07(月) 11:41:09.21
It follows the main story but there are bits of original elements thrown in

69: 2015/09/07(月) 11:43:23.03

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83: 2015/09/07(月) 11:46:37.54

no title

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101: 2015/09/07(月) 11:49:43.99


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106: 2015/09/07(月) 11:51:21.68
Near should have been Kamiki-kun
Mello should have been the kid from Tamio


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