Friday, September 18, 2015

Ayumi Hamasaki's Ex for Nude Photos with His Pregnant Wife

1. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 18:57:07 +66 -2227

内山麿我、妻とマタニティヌードを大胆披露 - モデルプレス

The couple me in January of last year, and have been dating since Christmas.
At their marriage meeting, About his wife's appeal, Uchiyama Maroka revealed that he was attracted to her tsundere personality: "At first, I went in thinking 'She's cute.' However she was really cold. Even if I said 'Let's go eat' I was rejected with 'I don't want to. You say that to anyone right? I hate flashy people.' But that was my chance."


2. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:12 [通報+3329 -29
It's just gross

3. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:15 [通報+2815 -15
Why is the man naked?

4. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:27 [通報+1421 -11
Huh? Seems like he said something that implies he didn't want to enter her onto his family register w

5. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:30 [通報+1154 -6

6. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:36 [通報+1806 -10
The worst.
Don't show us that, vulgarity.

7. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:41 [通報+971 -11
I'm going to vomit.

8. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:41 [通報+2043 -94
His wife is pretty.

It feels like the wife and Maro took this photo in high spirits

9. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:46 [通報+971 -12
Nope, gross gross!!

10. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:48 [通報+1171 -10

Don't go out of your way to make this public

11. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:00:56 [通報+1051
His wife is excited too w

12. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:01:05 [通報+614 -41
Which one of their hands are on her breasts?

13. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:01:06 [通報+1370 -10
Is it necessary for the man to be naked too??? 笑

14. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:01:12 [通報+586 -6
What do they want to do?

15. 匿名 2015/09/17(木) 19:01:14 [通報+1005 -12
Huh? Is this an AV?



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