Akanishi Jin Opens a "Bring a Guy Along" Concert and Causes Chaos Among Female Fans


1: 2015/09/03(木) 07:20:19.99 ID:???*.net
Just like dating site concert?! The former Johnny Akanishi Jin (31) plans on putting on an exorbitant concert. An overwhelming number of female fans have been presented with the condition that they must have "male accompaniment" or they cannot buy a ticket. The result, fans are in a chaos. 

On the internet, various fans are engaging in exchanges asking "Someone please go with me." What in the world is Akanishi thinking?

A music industry associate says "His tour is until the end of September, on the day before the last day at the concert at Tokyo Shibuya Public Hall (September 24), he's trying the idea of only female fans not being able to buy tickets. It has also taken the form of not being men by themselves not being to by tickets, and women having to be accompanied b a man."

However, Akanishi is a former Johnny. Naturally, the majority of his fans are women. Because that, a problem has occurred. The same music industry associate says "It's a big chaos. It's the issue of how many male fans there are, and female fans that desperately follow Johnny's talents don't have that many male friends. Akanishi is not an exception. So female fans are dealing with the problem by writing online "I'm looking for men to go with." The atmosphere is halfway like a dating site."


4: 2015/09/03(木) 07:22:41.13
Accompanied by Eternal

6: 2015/09/03(木) 07:23:36.56
They're going crazy

7: 2015/09/03(木) 07:24:10.30
I've been a fan even before he made his debut, but I'm not really going crazy.
He did say that he wanted to get married and have a kid in the first place,
And I'm used to Jin pushing us fans around.

He's that kind of a guy, but I like him so it can't be helped.
Jin is the type that doesn't fit in the mold.

Meisa should just support his private life.
Because I'll be supporting Jin's Music=Soul.

And that soul will be handed down to my children, then from my children to my grandchildren.
And like that my DNA will be mixed with Jin's someday.
That's the "Eternal" between Jin and his fans.

15: 2015/09/03(木) 07:26:20.71
I came to see this

27: 2015/09/03(木) 07:33:56.78
You're late!
More value is produced when you write it in comment 2.

117: 2015/09/03(木) 08:20:34.51
Eternal-san shouldn't have a man to take to the concert
If Eternal-san couldn't go that would be a pity!
Someone please go with them

9: 2015/09/03(木) 07:25:15.97
What if he didn't want male fans or something

10: 2015/09/03(木) 07:25:28.36
Wouldn't it be fine if they went with their boyfriend? w

17: 2015/09/03(木) 07:27:38.87
The core people who pour their heart into being a fan won't have a husband or boyfriend I bet

54: 2015/09/03(木) 07:48:27.98
There's no way those ugly girls who case after Johnnies have boyfriends

12: 2015/09/03(木) 07:25:52.11
It's been a while since I've seen Eternal

14: 2015/09/03(木) 07:26:03.29
Naturally they will pay the ticket price
But the problem for Johnny wotas is that they don't have a male friend that will go along with them

20: 2015/09/03(木) 07:29:15.84
If female idols inserted a female accompaniment requirement they definitely wouldn't be able to hold the concert w

23: 2015/09/03(木) 07:32:03.28
That's right
What is Akanishi doing

18: 2015/09/03(木) 07:28:46.38
So it's the thing like taking a girlfriend along to an AKB concert
Understand the quality of your fans! Because you're no Fukuyama

19: 2015/09/03(木) 07:29:06.27
It it were Fukuyama Masaharu this is a plan he definitely wouldn't do


22: 2015/09/03(木) 07:31:11.58
Eternal dating website idol


24: 2015/09/03(木) 07:32:51.91
He's trying to deal with the low birthrate problem w
Good going Akanishi wwwww

25: 2015/09/03(木) 07:33:41.19
If you went to the concert hall on the day of the concert, it would be filled with "looking for a man" signs w

29: 2015/09/03(木) 07:36:11.26
They're old hags anyway

33: 2015/09/03(木) 07:38:01.50
I've been an Eternal since before he debuted so when will his DNA mix with mine

34: 2015/09/03(木) 07:38:01.82
The technique of selling 2 tickets to one fan
That's sort of a dirty way of doing business

35: 2015/09/03(木) 07:38:16.82
Even visual kei, they have quite a few "men only" concerts
Kuroyume and Dir en Grey did it

People who like Johnny's can do the ridiculous things that visual kei does

40: 2015/09/03(木) 07:39:22.75
I wouldn't want to go even if I got money w

41: 2015/09/03(木) 07:40:18.59
But I think this is an interesting way of doing things
He's gaining interest so, Akanishi break a leg

47: 2015/09/03(木) 07:44:02.82
It'll end up being filled with old guys

50: 2015/09/03(木) 07:46:41.67
If it were Fukuyama Masaharu then I would think "well might as well go" but for Akanishi I wouldn't
Even if I went it would be the same situation as being alone in the Pacific ocean

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