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Yamamoto Kouji Attacked Horikita Maki Like a Stalker


1: 2015/08/24(月) 10:05:51.53 
Yamamoto Kouji (38), who married Horikita Maki (26) on August 22 made an appearance via VTR on  August 24th episode of "Tokugane!". He revealed his unrequited love of 6 years and the road it took to reach his goal. "In my time on this planet I unbelievably faced the reality of 'unrequited love.' Now it's like, at last I can calmly see her face at home," he said, talking of his newly married mental state. 

The contact information she gave him 6 years ago was the phone number of her office. He implemented the continued attack of sending her about 40 letters.

He continued with words that sympathized with Horikita such as "How were you today?" and the like. However, he didn't get one reply. Even though he asked for her contact information she did not provide it, so [he said] "I will tell you mine." He thought that this was "the end", but that night, he was contacted on LINE.

One day, he heard that Horikita would be entering Kyouto. "I took the Shinkansen by intuition. I brought a ring that held my feelings. I [thought] that if I rode it then it would be fate. Then, I rode [the train]," he said, revealing the miraculous episode. "I said let's not have a relationship let's get married. It was like my feelings were stuck. We didn't have a relationship, in a way," Yamamoto said. The announcer Kasai said "The duration of your relationship was zero."


2: 2015/08/24(月) 10:06:32.61

3: 2015/08/24(月) 10:06:40.01

4: 2015/08/24(月) 10:06:53.90
Yamamoto Kouji likes to mimic BOOWY

7: 2015/08/24(月) 10:07:51.42
He isn't a stalker he's just passionate
Stalkers are gross guys

10: 2015/08/24(月) 10:08:26.08
This is gross

8: 2015/08/24(月) 10:08:09.96
That baldie did it desperately huh

9: 2015/08/24(月) 10:08:13.32
To be thought of this much by an ikemen is something to be proud of


23: 2015/08/24(月) 10:09:34.05
He's balding

12: 2015/08/24(月) 10:08:40.27
Ikemen are innocent

14: 2015/08/24(月) 10:08:50.19
I want this to be made into a drama with these two starring in it

16: 2015/08/24(月) 10:08:53.83
Women with a tough guard are popular


19: 2015/08/24(月) 10:09:10.48
He's not as handsome as they say
Look at his hair

19: 2015/08/24(月) 10:09:10.48
The pure boy from Hitotsu Yane no Shita...


25: 2015/08/24(月) 10:09:54.05
Doing it for the first time with Horikita must have been the peak of his life
He pisses me off

27: 2015/08/24(月) 10:10:09.96

28: 2015/08/24(月) 10:10:15.47
If he wasn't an ikemen the police would get involved

31: 2015/08/24(月) 10:10:28.65

35: 2015/08/24(月) 10:10:42.09
Huh....but this is sort of alright

36: 2015/08/24(月) 10:10:47.38
If she gave him an number outside of her area code he would have dropped away w

37: 2015/08/24(月) 10:10:48.67
I wanted her to marry a more perfect guy

39: 2015/08/24(月) 10:10:53.98
You guys are too jealous w

40: 2015/08/24(月) 10:11:01.71
Seems like he would get tired of it not even after one year
This guy is in love with an illusion

59: 2015/08/24(月) 10:12:21.95
This is true
It was fun until her got her but once he gets his hands on her he gets tired of her

45: 2015/08/24(月) 10:11:18.28
Seems like they'll divorce

55: 2015/08/24(月) 10:11:46.65
Stalkers who have confidence in their physical strength are scary

57: 2015/08/24(月) 10:12:00.50
I'm also going to sum up some courage and send a bunch of messages on LINE

Original thread

Girls Channel:

Yamamoto Kouji The Marriage with Horikita was a "Zero Day Relationship" Marriage! Strikes with About 40 Letters, the Miracle Meeting on the Shinkansen

1. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:15:54 +1351 -530

山本耕史 堀北とは「交際0日」婚!40通の手紙攻撃、新幹線でアタック ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex 芸能
(Same article as above)

2. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:17:10 [通報+3993 -35
Huh, is this okay?

3. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:17:16 [通報+1727 -159
Horikita is like Ayami Rei

4. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:17:30 [通報+2417 -179

5. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:17:32 [通報+5256 -53
If he took one wrong step he would be a stalker...

6. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:17:34 [通報+4203 -90
Sorry, seems like they'll break up

7. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:03 [通報+5124 -46
It's turning into an impressive tale but depending on the point of view he's a stalker w

8. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:09 [通報+2944 -84
This is sort of scary
Failure marriage...

9. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:17 [通報+4409 -140
This is like a fairy tale. Like an unattainable princess who is ferociously attacked by a commoner prince.
I want someone to fall in love with me like that.

10. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:23 [通報+2173 -56
A person who had no desire for marriage falls for this. If it were me I might draw away...

堀北真希、ブログでも結婚報告「幸せになれると確信しました」 - 芸能社会 - SANSPO.COM(サンスポ)

11. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:25 [通報+3398 -66
Is he a stalker? (笑)
I bet he did that and made various women fall for him...
He has the image of having bad habits with women so I wonder if Horikita is okay.

12. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:32 [通報+2450 -24
A 0 day relationship...
I remembered Ooshima Miyuki and Suzuki Osamu

13. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:34 [通報+4178 -30
Horikita Maki is amazing to OK this.
She's a terrible tsundere

14. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:36 [通報+929 -62

15. 匿名 2015/08/24(月) 10:18:38 [通報+1909 -892
Having unrequited love after 6 years passed is amazing!
He really liked her.
Even though Yamamoto Kouji seems to be popular his feelings wholeheartedly ripened
This morning I have gotten a feeling of happiness.
I wish them happiness!!


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