Monday, August 24, 2015

Worldwide Kojima Haruna Reveals Photo with Pharell Williams


1: 2015/08/22(土) 17:47:53.74

It's dark

no title

18: 2015/08/22(土) 18:02:27.96
At any rate that is a super ugly man w

3: 2015/08/22(土) 17:51:09.52
Just as you would expect from worldwide KojiHaru

4: 2015/08/22(土) 17:51:58.07

5: 2015/08/22(土) 17:52:28.91
Who the heck is Pharell Williams?

11: 2015/08/22(土) 17:58:31.32
He's the person who hit it big with the American version of 'Chou Happy Super Happy Norinori!'


7: 2015/08/22(土) 17:54:21.54
Is this after-?

13: 2015/08/22(土) 17:59:07.54
It looks like a club where there are lots of foreigners

14: 2015/08/22(土) 17:59:38.75

17: 2015/08/22(土) 18:01:35.83
The view count is amaziiing

16: 2015/08/22(土) 18:01:33.97
He's the guy who sings Get Lucky, right?

19: 2015/08/22(土) 18:06:18.37
I like Happy.
It's amazing that she took a photo with this person!


20: 2015/08/22(土) 18:06:35.28
Happy and lucky and whatnot he is a happiness bastard this Pharrell Williams

21: 2015/08/22(土) 18:09:12.64
As a NERD fan I'm delighted

26: 2015/08/22(土) 18:55:10.16
Kojima-san is a real poser



30: 2015/08/22(土) 19:27:00.05
He's the guy with the biggest hit of the entertainment industry last year

34: 2015/08/22(土) 19:30:35.62
Lapdance from his NERD days is a god-like song

35: 2015/08/22(土) 19:32:06.55
It's amazing that you got a photo with Pharell Kojima-san w Maybe through a connection with Robin Thicke?

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