Sunday, August 30, 2015

Will There be Another Big Name like Utada Hikaru or Ringo Sheena?


1: 2015/08/27(木) 10:51:28.09
Other than these two, a person who creates their own songs and lyrics, who can accomplish music composition and who has charisma won't come forward

3: 2015/08/27(木) 10:52:33.08
Sekai no Owari

4: 2015/08/27(木) 10:52:39.60

Otsuka Ai

5: 2015/08/27(木) 10:52:52.82 ID:8ZaT8s5Q0.n
I want to get excited over music...the end of the century was better...

6: 2015/08/27(木) 10:53:26.69
Someone on the level of Onitsuka Chihiro won't even come forward


7: 2015/08/27(木) 10:53:34.49
First of all Utada Hikaru and Sheena Ringo's are each in a different class

9: 2015/08/27(木) 10:54:28.42 ID:8ZaT8s5Q0.n
The debuts of these two were so electrifying
Ringo wrote Kabuki no Jou at a young age
Utada at 15 returned to her home country and released an album that she wrote herself

12: 2015/08/27(木) 10:55:31.19
Speaking of which Kuraki Mai is an embarrassing one


13: 2015/08/27(木) 10:55:56.88
If Uehara Hiromi wrote songs and sang them no one would be interested (suitably)

16: 2015/08/27(木) 10:56:27.53
Utada and Ringo aren't on the same level in the first place

18: 2015/08/27(木) 10:57:07.21
Yui was pretty good though


20: 2015/08/27(木) 10:57:15.89 ID:8ZaT8s5Q0.n
Utada Hikaru is liked by men and women, young and old
Ringo Sheena venomous and unique songs have yet to gain a huge following

23: 2015/08/27(木) 10:58:08.02
If we're talking about singing ability then Nishino Kana and BUSU and the like aren't bad
But if we include ability to create songs then no one can stand up to Utada Hikaru

25: 2015/08/27(木) 10:58:19.52
Miwa is too sly it's unbearable


35: 2015/08/27(木) 11:01:12.23
Where did Yaita Hitomi go


48: 2015/08/27(木) 11:06:47.72
During Sheena's maternity leave her songs changed but after that she went of somewhere

36: 2015/08/27(木) 11:01:44.77
Utada Hikaru and Ringo Sheena are on the level where they can't be compared
Truthfully Utada Hikaru is a legend

40: 2015/08/27(木) 11:02:48.91
In general is there a need for them to make their own songs?
Songs made by sloppy old men and songs made by cute Onee-sans don't have much of a difference
A singer's job is to sing

45: 2015/08/27(木) 11:05:10.34
If they only sing then they're idols

42: 2015/08/27(木) 11:02:57.79
It's doubtful whether Utada Hikaru wrote those songs

50: 2015/08/27(木) 11:07:28.01
It's just that people who hate putting effort and can't do both are coming forward first

52: 2015/08/27(木) 11:07:55.60
Angela Aki Oba-san


62: 2015/08/27(木) 11:11:18.93
I think aiko has more talent and writing songs than Utada Hikaru

66: 2015/08/27(木) 11:12:44.72
There has been no mention of Yakushimaru Etsuko up until now


72: 2015/08/27(木) 11:14:19.39
The masters called Takeuchi Mariya and Yumin


75: 2015/08/27(木) 11:15:41.81
Takeuchi Mariya has been writing good songs even now
I like Shizukanaru Legend


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