Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why is Fukushi Sota Treated as an Ikemen?


1: 2015/08/04(火) 19:48:30.333
I know I'm going to be told "You can't talk" but
Seriously why did that become an ikemen?

2: 2015/08/04(火) 19:48:53.390
His height first of all

3: 2015/08/04(火) 19:49:09.849
Because he's an ikemen

5: 2015/08/04(火) 19:49:18.552
He name is kind of ikemen-ish

8: 2015/08/04(火) 19:50:36.519
There's a copy of Fukushi Souta too

26: 2015/08/04(火) 19:54:18.809
Nakagawa Taishi

I always though it was Fukushi Souta in the Sea Breeze CM


9: 2015/08/04(火) 19:50:37.437
You can say that people have preferences 
But he is slightly off from society's aesthetic standards

13: 2015/08/04(火) 19:51:20.693
If his height were 175 he wouldn't be this popular


18: 2015/08/04(火) 19:52:20.958
I agree with Oguri Shun and Ayano Go but
Fukushi is an ikemen all the same


22: 2015/08/04(火) 19:53:13.238
Fukushi Souta ← I understand
Ayano Go ← I don't understand

29: 2015/08/04(火) 19:54:44.111
I honestly think that guy is an ikemen


34: 2015/08/04(火) 19:55:55.173
Since I'm the one who's an ikemen I want to debut

37: 2015/08/04(火) 19:56:25.397

no title

38: 2015/08/04(火) 19:56:52.987
He's an ikemen no matter how you look at it
Plus he's 183 cm

42: 2015/08/04(火) 19:57:14.549
If you just look at this face he's not all that but when you look at his entire body he's an ikemen

46: 2015/08/04(火) 19:57:59.130
I like Satou Takeru-kun


47: 2015/08/04(火) 19:58:02.210

no title

50: 2015/08/04(火) 19:58:37.118
He's really bad at reading his lines smoothly
He was a voice actor for the Conan movie but it was on the level that his English lines were more fluent


56: 2015/08/04(火) 20:00:54.773
I don't think this guy is an ikemen
I don't understand why he is an ikemen

81: 2015/08/04(火) 20:07:45.579
I don't get Fukushi and Mukai
They are certainly ikemen but they have faces that I can't grow to like


83: 2015/08/04(火) 20:08:14.940
It's not that any of them are above the rest, but the average marks of his face, body, aura, and other various things are all pretty high

98: 2015/08/04(火) 20:13:11.583
The one I don't agree with the most is Ayano Go being treated as an ikemen

maxresdefault (3)

207: 2015/08/04(火) 20:44:22.895
I also can't accept that Ayano Go is an ikemen at all

103: 2015/08/04(火) 20:14:29.514
I think he is an ikemen but he doesn't have an unique traits

85: 2015/08/04(火) 20:09:06.179
You guys turn around and take a look in the mirror


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