Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weird Japanese Names

1: 2015/08/03(月)13:35:00 ID:wr6
黄熊 (Puu)
凸(Tetorisu) [Tetris]
And all kinds of others

2: 2015/08/03(月)13:36:15
Tetorisu wwwwww

5: 2015/08/03(月)13:37:28

I wonder if this would be Tetorisu too

11: 2015/08/03(月)13:39:36
In Tetris there is a 凸 block but no 凹 block so it wouldn't work

6: 2015/08/03(月)13:38:00 ID:wr6
It seems like people with these kirakira names* won't be able to find employment
*Eccentric name

8: 2015/08/03(月)13:38:44
凸凹 Dekoboko ← This is the correct reading

17: 2015/08/03(月)13:42:00
I respect the person who though of this

15: 2015/08/03(月)13:40:34
There will be a day when  渚 (Tabris) appears

23: 2015/08/03(月)13:44:32
七色 (Purizumu) [Prism]
*The kanji in this name mean "seven" and "color"


28: 2015/08/03(月)13:46:17
芋頭 (Poteto Heddo) [Potato Head]
*The kanji in this name mean "potato" and "head"

29: 2015/08/03(月)13:46:53
一角獣 (Unicorn)
*This kanji is read as "ikkakujuu" which means unicorn


37: 2015/08/03(月)13:51:53 ID:wr6
If 男[man] is Adam then is there a name that's 女 [woman] Eve?

43: 2015/08/03(月)13:58:59
I definitely think there is

41: 2015/08/03(月)13:58:22 ID:wr6
Lately the children's name 光宙 (Pikachu) seems to be popular

42: 2015/08/03(月)13:58:47
I think it's okay to give children these names but I want people to stop getting annoyed and getting angry when they have to read the names

46: 2015/08/03(月)14:00:59
There was a girl named 美奈子. Long ago.

By way it's read (Biinasu) [Venus]


48: 2015/08/03(月)14:02:00 ID:wr6
That would be fine as Minako...

50: 2015/08/03(月)14:03:53 ID:wr6
I want to see the faces of the parents who give their kids these kirakira names

35: 2015/08/03(月)13:49:25
I think kirakira names are fine when they are explained and you think "I see" but the ones that have a confusing meaning are terrible

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