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V6's Inohara Yoshihiko Reveals Johnny Kitagawa Recommended Double Eyelid Surgery in the Past

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V6井ノ原、ジャニー社長から二重整形を勧められた過去「整形しちゃえば?」 | マイナビニュース

Inohara said that he was "told a lot about" his single eyelids and was asked "Are you eyes open?" and "Are you sleeping?"  He also said "In my junior days I was continuously spoken to about my single eyelids, so I learned this technique." He then revealed a technique with which he would achieve double eyelids on his own.

Then, he continued with the double eyelids for a while, and Johnny-san praised him with "Well aren't you handsome!". Inohara confessed that Johnny-san recommended plastic surgery to him by saying "What if you got plastic surgery? I'm not stopping you."

"This is the body that I got from my parents, so I didn't get plastic surgery," he said.


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Droopy-eyed Inohara is dreamy

4. 匿名 2015/08/18(火) 11:00:22 [通報+1166
Many people have gotten plastic surgery because of that I bet.

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Johnny-san wwww

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When Johnny's plastic surgery is mentioned the only ones that I can recall are Kamenashi Kazuya and Ikuta Toma.

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His eyelids became creased

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Inocchi hasn't changed
The one who changed a lot was this person


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I wonder is he really as ugly as they say?
He has this pureness about him or something, he doesn't bother me

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He seems nice doesn't he!
He's fine the way he is now

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Johnny-san recommends it regularly...
So that means there are plenty of Johnny's who have plastic surgery?

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He has a gentle face


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You go 'head and get plastic surgery! w

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When he smiles with squinted eyes his eyed disappear and he gets wrinkles. That's nice for Inocchi.


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For Inocchi those seemingly gentle eyes are nice.

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Plastic surgery Johnny


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I thin Inocchi is fine just like that.
I like when he smiles

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Hey, stop it Johnny-san w
I knew it but...Johnny' encourages plastic surgery?! w

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