Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Kawaii Pasta that You Can Eat at Harajuku's Kawaii Monster Cafe


1: 2015/08/08(土) 17:35:35.24 ●.net BE:263277733-PLT(16000) ポイント特典

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17: 2015/08/08(土) 17:47:28.10 et
Are those rubber bands or something?

3: 2015/08/08(土) 17:37:26.46 et
That looks like shriveled up rubber bands

5: 2015/08/08(土) 17:37:41.32 et
If you cut the yellow one a time bomb will stop

6: 2015/08/08(土) 17:38:17.04 et
This is becoming like a clip joint isn't it?

11: 2015/08/08(土) 17:41:47.32 et

12: 2015/08/08(土) 17:41:56.38 et
That reminded me of the hair bands that my sister used to collect on the shelf above the sink

16: 2015/08/08(土) 17:45:30.81 et
That's better than the pink and blue curry

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22: 2015/08/08(土) 17:51:48.14 et
Those aren't the colors that humans should be eating

23: 2015/08/08(土) 17:52:54.78 et
Doesn't look good at all

24: 2015/08/08(土) 17:54:56.34 et
The photo and the real thing are too different

25: 2015/08/08(土) 17:55:35.77 et
I wonder if Kyary Pamyu Pamyu eats this kind of thing on a regular basis

29: 2015/08/08(土) 17:56:43.29 et
Looking cool sure is difficult

30: 2015/08/08(土) 17:57:34.18 et
This is a restaurant that can't calm down

32: 2015/08/08(土) 17:58:21.08 et
They're going to make the price over 2000 yen

33: 2015/08/08(土) 17:58:21.46 et
It looks like gummy candy

35: 2015/08/08(土) 17:58:52.47 et
That food is probably bad for you

51: 2015/08/08(土) 18:06:50.26 et
Don't play with your food!

66: 2015/08/08(土) 18:34:40.96 et
This is even lower than food for pigs

28: 2015/08/08(土) 17:56:07.24 et
Welcome to the Flying Spaghetti Monster Cafe


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