The Chinese Cameraman Who Hit Usain Bolt on with Segway Get a Wave of Criticism

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"It is obvious that he would receive a lot of grief for injuring a worldwide sports star. Even more, after he hit Bolt, his attitude wasn't good. The first thing he checked on after knocking over Bolt was his own camera. After that, he lightly extended his hand to Bolt, but he soon became concerned about his camera, and didn't show any signs of reflection."

"After the accident, Bolt, who was in pain, caught sight of the Chinese spectators who were filming the scene with their cameras while smiling, and certainly must have felt angry because that."

On the net:

"Who does he think he's injury? That's Bolt you know!"
"He still has a relay left! Don't play around!"
"The guy who ran up to  Bolt was one Chinese person. The two people that ran up to the cameraman were two Chinese people. What is happening with that country?!"


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Are they idiots?

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It's weird to ride a segway and shoot video.

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Don't do things in a dangerous way!

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That's why I hate China

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It's China after all~

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Because it's that kind of country! That's all.

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If he didn't get number 1 in the relay because of this
It would become China's fault...

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China is hated all over the world

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Weird country.
I knew though

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Huh? This kind of thing happened? I didn't know!!
What are you doing China?!

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Poor Bolt...

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Bolt's legs are the world's treasure
What are you doing?!

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No matter what happens if I hear "China" I'm not surprised. I think, of course

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I saw this and I thought it was a sufficient injury.
He bled, and it was his leg...

The way they apologized was like "my bad."
I thought "Huh?! That's all?!"

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The worst!!!!

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Bolt was so cool!

An accident can't be helped...but I wonder how he can laugh at that.

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I feel so sorry or Bolt.

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This is threatening the life of an athlete
What was he thinking, laughing like that, that Chinese person

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That's why it's said that Chinese people only care about money and their cultural standard is low

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