Friday, August 7, 2015

Sasaki Nozomi or Sawajiri Erika: Which one has a Higher Level of Cuteness?


1: 2015/07/29(水) 10:44:23.53
Personally I choose Sasaki Nozomi

2: 2015/07/29(水) 10:46:13.48

3: 2015/07/29(水) 10:47:43.61
Ayase Haruka

4: 2015/07/29(水) 10:48:29.63
Both of them were originally yankees but the one with experience in fighting is Sawajiri

5: 2015/07/29(水) 10:48:59.34
I can't remember Sasakiki's face so Sawajiri

7: 2015/07/29(水) 10:53:32.00
I personally go for Sawajiri
When I first saw her on Ronchaazu I got a huge shock that such a cute girl the same age as me existed


8: 2015/07/29(水) 10:58:26.05
Sasaki Nozomi

12: 2015/07/29(水) 12:09:32.93
When you think of which one has an important position in television dramas you will know the answer

13: 2015/07/29(水) 12:12:54.64
What I know is that these two are best 

18: 2015/07/29(水) 12:51:08.49
Sasaki just doesn't have the type of face that I prefer though


19: 2015/07/29(水) 13:08:47.77
As for voice, Sawajiri is the one that I like

20: 2015/07/29(水) 13:28:03.32
Neither of them are needed, in their peak time or now

24: 2015/07/29(水) 15:15:01.24
As for Sasaki, in terms of balance her you could say that her face is too small or her shoulders are too wide, but she has a malformed bone structure

maxresdefault (7)

26: 2015/07/29(水) 17:26:44.29
Looking at her for the long term, I choose Sawajiri

27: 2015/07/29(水) 17:34:22.30
Flashy looks are not flattering for Sawajiri and a natural look suits her
Sasakiki looks good with flashiness and natural isn't flattering on her
She becomes shabby in an instant

31: 2015/07/29(水) 20:33:13.24

no title

32: 2015/07/29(水) 21:30:48.20

no title

36: 2015/07/29(水) 23:17:24.61
For average value I would go with Sasaki but
But she can't win against Sawajiri who is blessed by a god that appears every once in a while


42: 2015/07/30(木) 01:01:44.05
Sawajiri has the weapon of overwhelming acting ability
I want to give appreciation to Sasaki who's that pretty without a weapon

maxresdefault (8)

58: 2015/07/31(金) 12:40:12.13
I get drawn in by Sawajiri's acting
I don't know if she's technically good or not though

72: 2015/08/01(土) 14:27:12.16

no title

81: 2015/08/02(日) 20:42:13.30
Search for a pretty girl in the Sawajiri Sasaki class and you won't find one

84: 2015/08/02(日) 23:24:56.50
There is no one who can win against Sasaki Nozomi


104: 2015/08/04(火) 17:33:32.12
Sawajiri's small face is one that gets accepted by the general population
That's why she can do lead roles and play heroines

110: 2015/08/05(水) 02:32:35.48

no title

112: 2015/08/05(水) 13:01:01.62
She's super pretty and looks like a doll

118: 2015/08/06(木) 00:11:37.82

no title

124: 2015/08/06(木) 14:17:28.71
In regards to appearance Sawajiri gets the win by a landslide

73: 2015/08/01(土) 17:40:36.54
Either one is fine but I want to date one of them


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