Monday, August 17, 2015

Rapper Zeebra Says People Who Smoke Aren't Hip Hop


1: 2015/08/16(日) 11:26:37.09 BE:755456936-2BP(2000)
2015年8月15日 11:56

There were those kinds of guys huh. They are hugely mistaken if they think that is cool or that it is hip hop. They're just troublesome bastards.

3: 2015/08/16(日) 11:28:52.34
People who throw away cigarettes in sewage drains should be executed

5: 2015/08/16(日) 11:29:02.80
HIP HOP or whatever is also this.

8: 2015/08/16(日) 11:31:23.68
So he is able to say that to rappers right w


16: 2015/08/16(日) 11:36:22.45
I'm a smoker but I think that people who smoke outside of smoking areas should die

20: 2015/08/16(日) 11:39:01.22
Smokers are certainly harming their own bodies so they're very masochistic
I'm not going to say anything bad so just stop smoking!


23: 2015/08/16(日) 11:41:14.51
Well the incentive for starting to smoke is trying to look cool.
I can't think of anything other than that
If it's a woman then they probably get influenced by men

28: 2015/08/16(日) 11:44:58.80
He was recently made fun of by T.O.P.-san* so this is comeback in a desperate ploy for attention w
Well he has a disease where if he doesn't get attention then he'll die so it can't be helped w
*The Japanese rapper, NOT the Korean one

30: 2015/08/16(日) 11:46:01.80
The guys who seem bad are generally friends
The guys who seem bad threaten people just based on looks and cause trouble just by doing that

32: 2015/08/16(日) 11:46:39.91
Your attitude and your clothing too

34: 2015/08/16(日) 11:47:37.85
This guy doesn't smoke or do drugs.
If he did then I guess he wouldn't be able to write songs that could sell.

37: 2015/08/16(日) 11:48:11.05
The people who smoke cigarettes because they think it's cool are only middle school students
People who smoke cigarettes based on those circumstances are just addicted to nicotine

40: 2015/08/16(日) 11:49:13.65
I'm a smoker but if he says that kind of horrible thing I'll quit being his fan

45: 2015/08/16(日) 11:54:56.87
Today's cigarettes were delicious

50: 2015/08/16(日) 11:58:16.24
If a fire was started by a cigarette then that would be tough

65: 2015/08/16(日) 12:06:29.27
It's normal for rappers to smoke cigars like a chimney
So uncool

66: 2015/08/16(日) 12:08:58.26
Littering and things like that being ordinary, how low class...

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